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Shout Out Sunday

We tend to hear about all the bad things we do as mamas and get judged for our personal beliefs and ways of child rearing.  It is rare to see a compliment or give a compliment when our own beliefs are different than someone else's.  Today, I am giving a Shout Out to a mom that I believe needs recognition for all she does for her children and how she inspires me.  That mama is my sister Vanessa, one of our senior contributors here on Mommy's Block Party.  

First and foremost, she gave me the pleasure of becoming an Aunt.  We had a tough upbringing and neither of us wanted children because we had past trauma that terrified us.  I am so glad that God works in mysterious ways and blessed us both with amazing children.  Her 2 girls are so extremely special to me and to E too.

My eldest niece is very special to me.  At 13, she knows so much about who she is and what she wants out of life and it is simply awe inspiring. I'm almost 40 and still figuring it out.  Vanessa, is an amazing mama to her girls. They want for nothing and know how loved they are. Her mama advice flows into my own life and I couldn't be blessed with a better influence. So today, I am shouting out because no matter what she thinks she does wrong as a mama she is doing so much right. 

Please help me in shouting out her and other mamas for doing an awesome job.

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