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Reasons you should Hire a Moving and Storage Company


More often than not, most people hire storage services when they are moving to their next home or their next apartment. The reason being, some of them move in stages, others declutter and are not just decided yet what they want to do with their extra stuff and others for various reasons.

Whatever the case, hiring a Greater Austin Moving & Storage company at the same time will serve you lots of benefits than hiring a separate moving company and a separate storage company. Here are some benefits of hiring both services from the same company; 

Less stressful

Moving in itself is a whole lot of stress. The process is long, energy-draining, and time-consuming. There is a long to-do list and the last thing you want is to add to this list. If you decide to hire a separate storage company, that means another added task. 

It is already stressful to find the best moving company to hire. Finding the best storage will also serve the same hustle. Hiring both in one is a great idea to relieve this stress and make everything simple. You can even inquire if your moving companies may also provide you with storage services close to your new neighborhood. 


While storage services are counted as extras on your moving estimate and charged separately, you still get a sort of discount for using your moving storage services. The amount of storage you need or the type of storage unit best suitable for your requirements will depend on your belongings.

This includes the extra features you want your storage unit to have, the size of the storage unit, how long you need to rent the unit, and more. They all add up to your cost. You also want to make sure you hire a moving company with storage services as not all of them to offer this.  


There is a lot at stake as far as safety is concerned. Renting a separate storage unit means you have to do everything on your own, or rather, hire another service to help with the labor. This includes every time you need to take your stuff there or take them out.

There are two options, doing all the work yourself, which will end up in injuries from carrying heavy stuff to and from the storage unit; sprained and strained muscles, back injuries, bruises and cuts, smashed toes. Or, more expenses hiring people for help.  

Experience and Expertise

Another reason you should hire a moving company for all your moving tasks and storage service is their expertise and experience in the job. They know best how to handle your things with care and you stand fewer chances with broken valuables. 

They can also handle heavy and fragile items that would have otherwise been stressful for you to take care of, or result in more expenses hiring another service to handle them. Also, remember not every mover is experienced. Make sure to inquire about the company, who will be handling your services, and ensure they are well knowledgeable in dealing with valuables such as yours. 


Reliability is another advantage of getting storage services from your moving company. You can rest easy knowing that your belongings are in safe hands and will be well taken care of. A reliable company will ensure that they give you the best storage services, with the required features and for the amount of time needed.

It all comes down to what you need and our preference. You also must be able to communicate your requirements well. This means you first figure out what you need, then seek a company with all the services you require, make sure they are well qualified and experienced, and then discuss the rates.  

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