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Make Your Indoor Days Colorful: Best Crafts for Lazy Weekends

 The definition of a lazy weekend will differ from person to person. Some want to use this time to be alone and not contact anyone, including close friends and family. Others may use this time to stay in bed and watch one series after the next without a care in the world. 

Now, what about those who enjoy their lazy weekends by choosing to relax in their craft and get creative. It doesn’t necessarily need to be with you alone, as you can also include the kids or spouse in these creative crafts. Surprisingly enough, there’s a lot you can get up to, like getting creative in the kitchen, or you can do some creativity prompts with a few recycled pieces. 

Either way, you want to enjoy your lazy weekend and indulge in activities that will have you relaxed and ready to face the week ahead. Therefore, this article will show you a few fun ideas that you can explore to make your indoor days colorful with some crafty work. 

5 Crafty Ideas for You to Try

Making a Driftwood Shape

If you’re a lover of shapes and decor, then you’re in the right place. Designing a driftwood piece allows you to play around with some wood and create a piece stunning enough to display in your home. 

All you’ll need to do is trace out your desired shape, but it would need to be a shape that can be filled. Get creative and trace shapes like a seahorse and get some driftwood pieces to fill in the outline of your shape from one end to the other using a hot glue gun. You can trim these pieces according to your desired shape, and once done; you can place this up on your wall. 

Brighten up Your Home With Some Paint

There’s always that one room in the house that doesn’t get enough light. So what can you do about it on your lazy weekend?

Painting the doors to the darker room can make a massive difference. If, for example, you have a hall that doesn’t get enough light, you can try painting all the doors in the hall with a vibrant color such as aqua. 

Recycle Some Old Window Frames

Getting crafty can sometimes mean doing good for the environment and recycling some old materials. If you’ve found some old window frames, then put them to good use by taking the glass parts out and using the spaces to add some pictures or display some of your favorite finds from a beach visit or nature hike. 

Get Crafty With Cans

Again, we are playing around with some recycled bits here. Why not get some large old soda cans that already have a large opening at the top?

Here, you can play around with some bright paint colors and get some flowers to compliment the whole experience. Afterward, you can place it either in your home next to a window so the flowers can get enough light or outside on the porch. This project can work equally as well with glass jars if cans are difficult to get.

Dye Some Outdated Cloth Pieces

Sometimes, the table cloth or curtains can start fading or look dated. When this happens, take the time to either dye the fabric in the same color to bring the color back to life or try a different color. This is especially fantastic for times when you’ve decided on a new home color scheme. 

In Essence

There’s so much you can do during your free time without having to sacrifice the whole day. Remember to make the most of every day and try to spend this quality time with loved ones making some relaxing crafts. 

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