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Love Your Body with Infamous Swim #MBPSUMMERFUN21 #REVIEW


Thanks to Infamous Swim for providing these great suits in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Summertime! The time for beaches, pools, warm weather, and.. bathing suits? If you are anything like me, you dread pulling out your bathing suit to see if it still fits and whether it's still wearable for another season. I'm the type that keeps bathing suits for life, until they really can't be used any longer, and HATES shopping for new suits. 

This year, it was quite apparent that I needed new suits. Bodies change, suits shrink, become faded, and stitching doesn't hold up as well. Never fear, because Infamous Swim has me covered! 

Created to empower and encourage women to feel their best in a swimsuit, Infamous Swim has suits for all ages and body types!

This Australian based company provides prints, patterns, and styles to help women feel their most confident while out at the beach our pool.. or wherever one wears swimsuits! The best part is that Infamous Swim is affordable too! Meant for moms who chase kids, meant for kids who love water, and meant for adults who want to feel and move their best, this swimwear will become your favorite brand. 

Infamous Swim has one and two pieces for adult females, and pieces for young girls and boys in the same pattern. The entire family could have a matching look and rock those end of summer photos!

I have to admit, I was slightly hesitant about buying swimwear online. It's so hard to determine how sizes will fit on my body shape.. and whether I think it would look flattering or not. I've started to realize over the years, that honestly, no one really should care about my swim attire but myself. I just need to be confident in my own body and self!

This Model has on the Candice Style print in Safari leopard. The Style comes in various colors and prints from XS- 3XL. Check out the sizing chart for more details. 

I was sent a Candice One Piece in Black. Candice style is meant for those with longer torsos, which I don't have, but honestly, it was totally fine! The back does come down really low, so that has taken some getting used too as most of my swimwear backs are up higher. The Candice Style comes with wide supportive straps, a must for my build and well endowed features. It has a shelf bra with removeable bra cups.. and has medium coverage for the rear.

The Candice One-Piece in Black

I prefer more coverage cause I find there is nothing worse than that piece of fabric shifting its way into uncomfortable places. I overall recommend the Candice Style for ladies on the go- whether chasing littles, whether active in water, or whether running down the beach after the volleyball! This provides a perfect coverage in all areas. 

The Violet One Piece in Black Waffle

I was also sent the Violet One Piece in Black Waffle. Honestly, I was hesitant about this swimwear as its definitely a low cut version. It's meant to offer a plunging neckline, with adjustable straps, and offers high to mid coverage on the thighs and legs. It fit true to size.. and I was surprised at how comfortable I felt in it. I'm often more reserved in my clothing and do have body confidence issues at times, so its gonna take some trust to break this out in public or in a large group of friends, but I think its doable! 

I do have to say, that for me, this suit would not be one I wore chasing the nephew or niece down at the beach, but rather a "lounge suit" for sitting by the pool. I'm totally sure a wave would come along and potentially cause some issues or needed adjustments, given how furious the Atlantic Ocean can be at times! This one also shows side cleavage, so just be aware of your situation and surroundings if need be. 

The Plunging neckline and tie- straps are two key features of this Violet One-Piece! 

If you are in need of swimwear for an end of summer adventure, or have some fall trips lined up.. then Infamous Swim will have whatever you need! Infamous Swim does run slightly smaller than typical American sizes, but their sizing chart is on point, so I do trust that! Returns for exchanges are easy, which is not the case with most swimwear companies, but do check out their rules before purchasing just so you aren't surprised! 

Want it? Get it!

Find the Candice One- Piece and the Violet One- Piece  in many prints and colors on Infamous Swim. Not a fan of these styles? There are plenty of others, including two- piece patterns and styles! 

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