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How To Match Your Boots To Your Outfit


During the fall and winter months, there are some areas where any footwear other than boots is a big no-no. Boots are practical footwear that needs to be worn for warmth, comfort, and safety reasons in snowy and icy weather. Check out the thursday captain review for the best tips on how to match boots to your outfits.

Whenever you hear the word “practical”, “fashionable” isn’t usually the word you think of next, but this doesn’t have to be the case with boots. Here are some top tips for making your boots look stylish and match anything you wear.

  1. Choose a Neutral Color

If you are looking for a new pair of boots, try to find some in a neutral color. This will usually be either brown or black. There are varying shades of brown so you can choose between a dark brown, a tan, or something in between. 

A neutral color will go well with more clothing and mean you won’t need a new pair of shoes for every outfit (as much as you might want them). But just remember that when it comes to shoes, black doesn’t actually go with everything.

This might be the case with clothes where you can throw on a black shirt or a black pair of trousers to go with bolder and more colorful prints and patterns. But when it comes to shoes, a pair of shiny black boots won’t really go with a pair of blue denim jeans.

If you can afford to and have the space, it’s a good idea to have one pair of black boots and one pair of brown boots. This also allows you to have boots of different styles. For example, you can have a cute pair of tan suede ankle boots as well as a pair of shiny black boots that are a bit bolder. 

This gives you some more freedom with your outfits. Try to find a pair of cute suede ankle boots that will look great with jeans and patterned skirts and also try to find boots like dr Martens that have a more dramatic look. 

  1. Always Match Your Bag or Purse

A style tip for wearing a suit is that your shoes should always match your belt. This brings the look together and makes it look intentional and well-styled. For more casual winter looks, try to match your shoes to your bag or purse instead.

This doesn’t need to be a hard and fast rule, so feel free to break it whenever you feel like it. But if you’re struggling to finish off your outfit and to make it look more stylish, pairing a pair of black boots with a black purse or bag will be just the thing. 

If you have yet to buy a new pair of boots, then look at your purses and bags and try to see what colors and styles are present in all of them. This will give you an idea of what colors and styles will go best with your bags. Looking through your wardrobe like this is a great way to see what you like and determine your style.

During the fall and winter months, most of us are more focused on layering up and staying warm, rather than looking stylish. So matching your boots to your bag can be an easy way to look stylish without really thinking about it. So you can focus more on which sweaters and which big coat you’re going to wear today instead. 

  1. Cuff Your Jeans

When wearing ankle boots, cuffing the ends of your jeans is an easy way to make your outfit look more stylish. It balances out the shape of the jeans and boots. Cuffing the bottom of your jeans, rather than allowing them to cover the boots or tucking them inside, will show off the boots and look cleaner and more together.

This is really only a rule of ankle boots. Even if you wanted to, rolling your jeans up higher than your ankle is usually pretty difficult (especially if you’re a millennial still clinging to their skinny jeans). 

Cuffing your jeans also draws attention to the boots, rather than hiding them away. So, if you have recently bought some cute ankle boots that you want to show off, rolling up the ends of your jeans allows others to see them better.

If you live somewhere with cold weather and balk at the idea of having your ankles exposed to the elements, you can still cuff your jeans. It will still look great if you wear socks to cover your ankles. If you are feeling a bit daring, you can even wear some colorful or patterned socks that will really stand out. Or, if you prefer, you can simply keep this look for transitional periods and warmer fall days.

  1. Don’t Shy Away From Skirts and Dresses

Even when the weather gets cooler, you can still wear skirts and dresses that show off your legs. You might not be able to wear the same flowery summer dresses that you were wearing before, but with some clothes you can easily wear a pair of pantyhose beneath them and straight away make it a winter look. 

A lot of people wear jeans or trousers with their fall and winter boots but a cute dress with some comfy ankle boots is an easy way to look stylish and stay warm. This is one of the reasons why tip number one is so important. Wearing a pair of boots in a neutral color gives you more freedom with your clothes.

Black ankle boots won’t usually go with a pair of jeans or a jean dress, but they will go with a lot of skirts and dresses of different styles and colors. If you want to wear a dress or skirt that a pair of black boots won’t go with, then a pair of brown or tan boots almost definitely will. 

  1. Ankle Boots Aren’t Everything

Ankle boots are the go-to for most people as they go with lots of different outfits and are easy to put on. But try and have a look at some calf-length boots or even some over-the-knee boots. They might not be the most fashionable at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid them if they are your style.

Over-the-knee boots come and go in fashion, so having a pair means that you will be on-trend at least some of the time. These kinds of boots are often considered quite “out there” and bold, but there isn’t any reason for this. They look great and are actually practical as they will keep your legs warm. 

Over-the-knee boots will look great with almost any outfit. They can be worn with jeans, skirts, dresses, or just an oversized jumper for days when you just can’t think of anything to wear.

Calf-length boots are also a great option for colder weather. They will keep you warm simply by covering more of your legs, but also because their height means you can wear long thick socks beneath them. In fact, a really cute fall look is a pair of calf-length boots worn over jeans with the socks poking out the top. 

Trying to style boots can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re trying to balance warmth and practicality with style, but you don’t have to risk being cold or slipping on ice to look good. There are so many different styles of boots available that you will definitely be able to find something that suits your style, looks great and keeps you warm. 

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