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How Mega Volume Lashes is different from Volume Lashes: Guide 2021


Since the introduction of volume and mega volume lash extensions, they have been tremendously famous amongst lash fanatics all over the world. As a customer, knowing the difference between mega volume lashes and volume lashes is significant, in order to keep a check on the service you are receiving. If you're a customer, feel free to inquire about your artist's favorite! It's a wonderful discussion starter, at the very least. 

On the other hand, as a lash artist, one must have full-fledged knowledge about the varieties of lashes available in the market, if they want to build trust and credibility among the customers.

This guide will provide all the relevant information about mega volume lashes to the readers. It will assist an individual to decide which technique would be best suitable for them. 

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What are Volume Lash Extensions?

To get voluminous eyelashes ,one attaches 3 to 8 lash extensions to one natural lash. It is made possible by creating fans - a gathering of extensions that are stuck together and get glued on the same natural lash. To try not to add an excess of weight on the customer's lashes and make those fans of suitable size. We recommended utilizing 0.05mm-0.07mm lashes for volume lash extensions.

Who can opt for Volume Lash Extensions?

Volume lashes are ideally suited for customers who wish to give their lash line additional fullness. Depending upon which kind of lash curls someone uses, the volume lash set can come out natural or extra-looking. To remember, not every single natural lash can bear volume fans. Lash artists need to pick convenient, completely developed lashes for applying extensions.

What are Mega Volume Lash Extensions?

The Mega volume lash extensions come from joining even more full fans to lashes than in volume lash extensions. One can use up to 20 lashes in a single fan. Because of the fact that it utilizes a greater number of lashes, they must be finer than the ones that are included in the volume sets. 

It is recommended to utilize 0.03mm diameter lashes for mega volume fans to ensure that natural lashes will not get excessively compelled by their weight.

Who can opt for Mega Volume Lash Extension?

Mega volume lash extensions are the best option for those people who have very few natural lashes and desire a super-full lash look. In such a case, one additionally needs strong natural lashes to work with. Given the fact that mega volume extensions are really thick, they require insightful day-to-day cleansing because a lot of dust and natural oil stalls out there.

Major Difference Between Mega Volume Lashes and Volume Eyelashes?

  1. The difference between mega volume and volume lashes is the quantity of false lashes used to make a fan and the width of these false lashes. 

  2. Each mega volume fan uses 6 to 16 false lashes with width measurements between 0.03 to 0.05 mm, while a volume fan will utilize 2 to 5 false lashes with width measurements between 0.05 to 0.07 mm. 

Source: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/3f/03/39/3f0339f4f4b90ccf11516b7205c0bf73.jpg

Believes about Eyelashes extensions that are False. 

People in the lash industry have heard a couple of doubts about whether volume and mega volume lash sets are going to lead to losing natural lashes. So, we have tried to clear all such superstitions as much as possible by having a full answer to customer’s doubts.

1.    Mega volume lashes/ Volume lashes interrupt the development of natural lashes - This statement is not right for one straightforward reason that lash fans that are utilized for mega and volume lash extensions are just applied on completely developed lashes that have finished their growth cycle. Concerning the emerging baby lashes, lash artists don't touch them at all, since they are simply not strong enough to hold volume fans. 

2.    Volume/Mega volume causes lashes to fall off - The thing is, if the extensions are attached accurately, they will not harm natural lashes even a little bit. While having extensions, the natural shedding process is occurring and lashes do fall off. This leaves a recognizable gap in a lash line as the lash extension falls off with a destroyed lash. Some people believe that the extensions cause the loss of a natural lash when in reality, the natural lash brings down the extensions with it.

3.    Volume and Mega volume lashes are uncomfortable - Whoever says that, haven’t got an opportunity to experience a professional lash artist’s work because having lash extensions is not supposed to be felt at all. When it comes to volume and mega volume, isolating lashes is extremely critical. If any lash artist attaches a fan of lashes to more than one natural lash, their customer will have a pulling feeling through all the weeks of having lashes on.


Mega volume allows a denser and hazier look since it uses these light-weight fans with a couple of extensions. Anyone can get their lashes done around the world now, since every city has salons that offer eyelash extensions.These false lashes can usually last as long as five weeks,  though we recommend getting fills every three weeks to preserve them best and complete. 

Shockingly, because of the popularity of lash extensions, everybody is training to get into this industry. But in reality, applying eyelashes is an art and sets aside time and practice. Proper application is the way to not harm the customer’s lashes and give them the desired output. 

Standard training for eyelash extension work is conducted for a few days, and afterwards, eyelash artists are certified to work for the same. However, in just two days, any lash artist cannot perfectly apply lashes or grab all the information that one needs to make it safe to apply extensions on others. Therefore, to turn into a trained eyelash applying professional requires  time, tolerance and practice. 

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