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Experience Relief and Seek Comfort With Cushion Lab #REVIEW


Thank you to Cushion Lab for providing these great products in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own. This post contains affiliate links that will compensate us if you purchase after clicking on a link. 

So, I am bold to admit: I have horrible posture. I also admit.. I sit way too much.  With increased computer usage, more Zoom meetings, and lack of travel to meetings/ events.. discomfort has abounded in my body over the past year. Especially because my home life doesn't contain proper office equipment. 

While I have a desk, I've never invested in a home office chair as I hardly used it. Dining Room chairs, the couch, and even the patio's rocking chair don't provide the same support for working as office chairs and office desks.  Now, back in the office for the majority of time, I realize that my office desk chair doesn't provide support or relief either.. probably I never noticed because I was moving so much more and not focused on Zoom meetings!

What does one do when relief is needed? Well, besides moving one's body more, various companies offer great resources to relieve pressure points and provide comfort while sitting. 

Cushion Lab is one of those awesome companies that provide products to not only help alleviate our tensions and concerns, but also to care for our environment and give back to our communities! 

Cushion Lab was kind of enough to send over three of their awesome products:

The Pressure Relief Seat Cushion is a must-have for anyone who spends time in a chair. 

Whether home, office, or driving, this relief seat is for you. It's made up of hyperfoam that continues it's bounce and doesn't flatten out over time. The cushion's hyperfoam doesn't withhold odors and is easy to clean with it's removeable and washable cover. That's great because, well, I live in the south and heat abounds during the summer. Sweat, Smells, and the occasional spillage of coffee may occur, so I love removeable washable products! 

Its seriously comfortable! I notice a significant difference sitting in this a few hours versus having no cushion at all. It's comfortable enough to throw into an office chair, stiff enough to support rears while driving, and provides relief even when on the patio rocking chair! 

The Seat Cushion comes with grippers on the bottom so that it doesn't slide like past cushions I've owned. I love this feature because the cushion stays in place, supporting all your pressure points along the way. 

There is a back contour/ opening to support the tailbone, even weight distribution, and release of tight muscles along the hips and glutes. I admit- I always have trouble with these areas, so I am glad to know that there is a memory foam cushion out there that can help me when I do have to stay in one location for too long! This  is a great pillow to keep my hips and glutes from locking up too much.. 

Pair this seat cushion with the Lumbar Back Support Pillow and you will be well on your way to relief!

My uncomfortable chairs with little back cushion disallow for neck relief, lower back relief, and general comfort all around. If' I'm sitting in my straight backed car seat for too long, I definitely notice tension in all areas from my back up. If I'm in my office chair for too long on that never ending Zoom meeting, well the stiffness abounds and it could take hours to work out. 

I'm excited to report that the Lumbar pillow provides the perfect support! This pillow is so multi functional too! Not only can it be used for office chairs, but use it for support in bed, on the couch, driving, or even your rocking chair outside! When I use this lumbar pillow, I notice relief in my neck as well as upper back, especially if my computer usage is a lot that specific day. 

It too has a opening to support the spine, which goes in the upright position. Using the Lumbar pillows straps, it can be fastened to chairs to alleviate movement. This too provides a removeable washable cover and hyperfoam that supports the lower back, upper mid back, and spine movements. Lumbar Pillows can even be used on the couch or in bed to give you more support while sitting up (cause we all admit.. we are on our laptops and phones in both of those places, a lot!) 

Both of these items will enhance your travel this summer and fall.. whether in the car or plane, but the ultimate go- to is going to be Cushion Lab's Neck Relief Travel Pillow. This pillow will contour around your neck to provide proper support if you drift off while a passenger on that flight or family road trip. 

Cushioning your neck with it's 360 degree shape, this pillow fits around your neck and under your chin. It helps prevent chin nods and offers stabilization during your naps.  Two sizes are available based on your height and needs; medium and large. 

The best part about the neck pillow is that it folds bag up into it's own carrier that arrives complete with a carabiner! This is amazing so that you can hook your pillow onto your carry-on and not have to worry about it falling off while racing down the airport terminal to catch your flight. 

Cushion Lab also offers other necessary rolls, pillows, and even blankets to help you sleep, relieve tension, and travel well. There are many different colors other than just black, so you can style it up too! Don't be afraid to pop a bit of color into your work or home office to cheer up your day!

I seriously consider you to check out Cushion Lab if you are noticing tension while working= whether its at home, driving, or the office. Cushion Lab has a product that will meet your needs. Even sleep comfort aids are available too! 

Want it? Get it! 

Grab a Lumbar Back Pillow or Pressure Relief cushion from Cushion Lab now! 

Follow Cushion Lab's Socials for ideas and product updates!

Do you struggle with spine, back, and neck tension?

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