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Easy Vegetable Shredding Tips


If you love homemade meals with a ton of veggies, you’ll soon realize that preparing meals with vegetables can be hard work. All the cutting, slicing, shredding, mincing, and overall prepping of big or small veggies can dampen anyone’s passion for cooking. 

If this sounds familiar and you know something has to change, here are some vegetable prep tips for you: 

  1. A great cabbage shredder can make a whole lot of difference. Buy one. If you can’t afford a food processor yet, you have 3 alternatives that are super affordable. 

    • Vegetable peeler - Choose one that is wide and sturdy. Go for a branded peeler. To shred cabbage using a peeler, you need to slice the cabbage in half first. Holding half of your cabbage steady on one hand, and a bowl below it, peel the vegetable until all of it has been shredded nicely. Continue with the other half. 

    • Shredder/coleslaw maker - This hand-held tool looks like a slim cutting board with stainless steel blades in the center. Hold the handle steadily, then slide the vegetable downward, onto the middle of the shredder, catching the shredded pieces into a bowl. Repeat the downward slicing of the veggie until all pieces are shredded nicely. 

    • Mandoline - This tool comes with its own container built-in, as well as multiple interchangeable blades so you could shred, Julienne, ribbon-cut, grate, spiral-cut, shred, and do other slicing techniques. These tools work very similarly to shredders/coleslaw makers above. The only difference is that mandolines are sometimes designed standing up like a tiny blender, while others look like an ordinary rectangular plastic container. 

  2. Use a multipurpose box grater for shredding your veggies. 

A box grater isn’t exclusive to just grating cheese anymore. These tools are designed to accommodate all kinds of veggies as well. To shred potatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, and other vegetables, find the side with the larger holes and slide the veggie of your choice. 

If you want to shred thinner pieces, use the other side with smaller holes.

Either way, the shredded veggies will fall inside the box grater. 

I just do this on my clean countertop and gather the shredded pieces once I’m done. It gives me a better hold of the box rather than trying to catch the fallen pieces into a bowl or container.  

  1. Learn how to shred vegetables with just a kitchen knife. 

If you don’t want to invest in another kitchen tool, even your handy knife can shred cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, and your other favorite veggies. You just need to learn how and practice until you’ve mastered the steps. 

To shred cabbage with a knife, you’ll be using a technique called Chiffonade. To do this: 

  • Cut into quarters. 

  • Get one piece, and slice out the core. Slice that piece again in half. 

  • On the cutting board, place two parts of the cabbage lying down and gently slice through the cabbage for a fine shred. 

  • Repeat for the other 3 chunks. 

You can recreate this method using any other vegetable you want to shed. 

  1. If you’re using manual tools, cut down veggies into manageable sizes. 

The secret to shredding vegetables properly with a knife, mandoline, grater, vegetable peeler, coleslaw maker, or other manual tools is to cut your veggie of choice into a manageable size. 

Because one of your hands would most likely be holding onto the tool, you’ll only have the other hand free to grab onto your vegetable. Make sure that veggie fits your hand when you shred it onto your tool of choice. 

  1. Clean and dry vegetables before shredding. 

I’m sure you clean your veggies before prepping, but not everyone dries them though. 

If you’re going to be using any of the handheld tools above, drying the vegetables before shredding means you’d be able to control what you’re doing. Dried veggies are less likely to slip out of your hands, or while sliding onto a blade. 

  1. Food processors are god-send. Perfect the shredding function.  

Anyone who is a fan of coleslaw and sandwiches should be mastering the shredding function of a food processor. It simply is just THE best thing you’ll ever own in the kitchen. 

To shred any veggie you like: 

  • Cut the vegetables into smaller pieces that would fit your food processor. Remove the core of cabbage or lettuce. 

  • Set up your food processor before use. You’ll need the grating disc to take advantage of the shredding function. 

  • Plug the food processor and turn it on.

  • Feed the cabbage or other veggie through the chute with the plunger, gently pushing them as you run the processor. 

Unlike other similar tools, the cool thing about a food processor is that you can shred two or more vegetables in one go. 

If you take the following tips to heart, you’ll save a ton of time preparing your favorite meals and you’ll be a vegetable shredder pro in no time. 

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