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Create A Warm Environment With Fragrances From Clarri Hill

Thanks to Clarri Hill for providing product to review. All thoughts shared are my own. 

Recently, I was preparing for a special visit from my in-laws and knew that I wanted to have some items handy that would make their first visit since covid, extra special.

If you're expecting company or enjoy simple luxuries around your home, you need to experience Clarri Hill. I use the term experience because that's truly what it is! I'm a fragrance girl, but not in the way that I want there to be overpowering smells upon entering every room of my home. My desire is to have one move about through my home and experience a gentle aroma now and then which causes a brief interlude in their step. They may notice it and enjoy it for a brief second before it disappears once more. In order to achieve the perfect level of fragrance that is not artificial and lasts, you need to explore a luxury brand that has mastered the art. 

Clarri Hill has intoxicating fragrances that are naturally sourced and hand crafted to create an experience within your home. During my in-law's visit, I used the Leather Noir Reed Diffuser in the guest bathroom. I've used plug-ins before and even popular wax melts that will practically make you faint when you enter a small space from the sheer power of the scent. Leather Noir has warm notes of sandalwood, amber and juniper berries. The only way I can describe this luxurious scent is "fresh". For a small bathroom, a fresh scent is ideal. 

 The Reed Diffuser is $35.25 and can be purchased on their website along with a large selection of products that will fill your favorite space with intoxicating scents and create an inviting atmosphere. 

I also placed the Destination Room Sprays in the guest bedroom and bathroom to be used whenever desired. I enjoyed all three of these scents in different ways. 

This set comes with the three fragrances above and will cost you $19.25. My favorite of this set is "beach" because it perfectly captures fresh ocean air while simultaneously creating a fresh laundered scent. I liked being able to give my guests the ability to choose which fragrance they wanted to use. 

Clarri Hill also sells essential oil diffusers, candles and hand creams, all crafted with beautiful scents that are naturally derived. I really don't think I would find a scent that I wouldn't care for within this company. When scents are crafted with the best ingredients, the difference is truly noticeable. 

The Amber Wood candle is my perfect scent. If I see amber or sandalwood, I'm sold. If you have company coming or just enjoy luxurious products for yourself and your family, you need to visit Clarri Hill and discover for yourself what I mean when I say, "experience". 

Clarri Hill is a family-owned business based in Toronto, Canada that focuses on creating quality products with natural ingredients. I have absolutely loved every product they sent and look forward to continuing to use them. The sleek design matches my personal aesthetic perfectly. When your guest enters your home, they are going to be pleasantly greeted with a light and fresh aroma that will have them saying, "It smells so nice in here."


If you would like Clarri Hill to inspire your guests and create the most inviting home environment, check them out on their website where you can purchase any of the above products. You can also stay connected with Clarri Hill on Facebook and Instagram so you do not miss out on new products!

What are some special touches that you provide for your visiting guests?



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