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Caffeinate Your Day with Amora! #Review


Thank you Amora for providing these great blends in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

Summer is in full swing with vacations, longer days, and.. the heat! No matter the heat and humidity though, because I still love a good cup of coffee in the morning. In fact, I know some of my friends and family have the coffee pot going all day while running around their homes chasing kids and puppies. 

I also know that a lot of my friends have a pension for cold-brew coffee. Y'all, this is not me. Give me that steaming cup of hot joe. But, for those of you who love cold brew, who love hot brew, or even love tea.. Amora is for you!

Amora offers fresh roasted coffee from their 5th Generation roaster, that is completed here in the United States! They are passionate about providing a great coffee experience that doesn't have an extended shelf life but rather is roasted fresh and shipped directly to your door! 

Using a nine-step roasting process, coffee is sealed into foil bags that keep either whole beans or ground fresh while its shipped! Caffeinated, Decaf, and Tea all are available to make your day kick off with a great start.. whether you are sitting on the beach balcony chair, enjoying the sunrise, or chasing the puppy that ran off with your flip-flops!

Love Coffee but feel it's too humid and hot for a steaming cup of joe? Iced Coffee and Cold Brew Fans will be pleased at the aromas and flavorful tastes that comes from Amora's blends. For those who are unsure, there is a difference between these coffees.

Iced Coffee is made via your normal method: drip, French press, pour over with hot water. After the coffee brews, ice, sweeteners, and creamers are added to it to make your delicious drink. 

Cold Brew Coffee is made with cold water rather than the hot water method. Typically, cold brew makes a concentrate that is diluted further with creamers, sweeteners, or even more water. No ice is added to Cold Brew and it's often kept in the fridge just like your pitcher of sweetened iced tea. 

Remember that Cold Brew takes a lot longer, more like 12-18 hours, over the quick drip process of hot coffee, so start that process the night before if you are a morning drinker! All you need is a wonderful Amora Coffee, a cold brew filter, water, and a pitcher. With Cold Brew Coffee, the concentrate is made first. Then it can be mixed with your favorites- milk, water, etc.! 

Amora Blends all range in flavor and intensity, so there is surely a blend that you and your taste buds will absolutely love. As an Italian based family, Amora wants customers to love their coffee, so they aim to create fresh blends from amazing beans that all will love. Currently, Amora has 4 Original Blends plus an Espresso flavor available. Each blend ranges from low to high intensity. 

I was sent over the Elegante and Vigorsi blends.. and I have to say, I absolutely love both. These 

I've been a coffee drinker most of my adult life, but I do have to be careful regarding acidity of the roasts. Sometimes it just gets to me- especially when I'm at camp (when I love coffee the most.. and probably need it the most) because I'm not in a normal routine. But these two blends are absolutely wonderful for drinkers who like medium styles with great flavor. 

The Elegante Blend is comprised of South American and Indonesian beans. Amora's website describes this medium roast as "excellent sweetness with syrupy body with a complex finish." I would say that this coffee roast is complex but it's not sweet in the same way that a chocolate cake is sweet. It has a hint of sweetness but is incredibly smooth and tasteful. It's my favorite of the two blends sent to me. 

The Vigorosi Blend is also a medium roast but is slightly higher with intensity and flavor. The beans of this roast are from East Africa and South America. The blend offers a more nutty base with chocolate overtones. I would say its less sweet than the Elegante and I'd probably have to be more careful with its acidic nature if I'm having problems, but overall it has a great finish and tastes wonderful too. 

For tea drinkers, never fear, cause Amora has your back too! From hot teas to iced teas, Amora's teas are made in the United States with leaves shipped in from the greatest tea growers around the world. Natural and Organic estates are preferred to give the tea-drinker the best tea available. Blends are placed in biodegradable sachets to make your tea experience the best one yet. 

Tea drinkers- two new flavors might enhance you to brew up a fresh pot and chill it to have afternoon tea on the porch. 

Pomegranate Green is available for all tea-lovers who love berries, sweetness, and florals. The green tea helps balance the notes out so that nothing is too sweet or syrupy! This would make an excellent pitcher of iced tea for summer socials!

Hibiscus Blossom also has a berry note, but its citrus and floral aromas will be more prominent. It will create an ultimate healthy drink that is full of nourishing properties!

Coffee and tea drinkers, definitely add Amora to your list this summer! I love how it's shipped in small batches directly to your door. There is nothing worse than finding stale coffee that's sat on the manufactures shelf, a truck, a stock room, then the grocery store shelving. Trust me- you can tell when it's been out too long! 

If Flavored Coffee is your jam, Amora's blends range from Southern Pecan to French Vanilla to Pumpkin Spice, so surely there is something to suit your seasonal or dessert moods! Don't forget to check out the Specialty Blends too. Consisting of the Cold Brew Blend and other specific regional flavors, these blends might be limited so don't delay if something catches your eye!

Amora is here to make your coffee and tea experience simple but yet tasteful. Whether you decide to purchase once or subscribe, Amora's products will definitely help caffeinate your long summer days. Decaf is available for those who need! 

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