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Back to School Organization Tips


While school's been out for nearly two months, it's hard to believe that it's already time to go back. Everywhere I look, it's 'back to school,' and let me tell you- I have enjoyed the freedom of sweet summertime so much that it's going to be a hard adjustment back to our daily school routine in a couple of weeks. While teachers are already prepping their classrooms, we're still at home, taking advantage of these last few sweet weeks of summer break.

Since school starts in two and three weeks for my kiddos, I have been making a big effort to get us all ready to head back to the classrooms since early July. With a new baby coming just a few weeks after school starts, we've needed to get ready and get organized even earlier this year. Having everything ready to go is such a big help when the first day back to school draws near. If you're like me, and you're dreading the start of the school season, but want to get a jump on things, here are a few tips to help you get organized and start the new school year off with success.

Get all important dates on the calendar

Go ahead and spend a little time on adding dates to your calendar. You know the one I'm talking about- the family's master calendar. My husband and I have a shared Google calendar, color-coded for each family member's events/schedule. We add to the calendar throughout the year, but as soon as school and work calendars are available, we post days off, early release days, holidays/breaks right away. This is especially helpful when you have kids in different schools. After school dates are added, go in and add appointments (like doctor's appointments), meetings, and extracurricular activity schedules, so everyone will be on the same page. You might even consider sharing the calendar with those who help with caregiving for your children.

Get the forms you need

Every year, we have new forms to fill out and take back to school for each child. Find the forms you need for your kids online, print them at home, and then organize them for each child in a folder. About two weeks before school starts, make sure to fill them out and place the folder in your child's backpack, so they are ready to go to school with your kiddo on their first day back to class.

Shop online for school supplies

I've heard that local chain stores are low in stock on certain school supplies already. Shopping for supplies used to sort of be a fun thing that we would do together as a family, but now, back to school shopping is like navigating through a madhouse, and no one wants to do that with Covid cases on the rise again in many states. If you can, grab your child's school supply list and order their supplies online. We usually shop at Target for our supplies, so this year, I did it all online, and it was a great experience. Target's prices were awesome (sorry, Amazon!), and I was able to get everything needed for both kids in one fell swoop. Done and done! The supplies will be at my doorstep in two days, and I'll be able to sort their items so we can take them in on the open house and orientation days.

Check on uniforms, backpacks, and lunch boxes

School supplies go far beyond pens and paper, don't they? Make sure that your child's uniform separates still fit for the new school year. If not, order new pieces and have them washed and ready to go. We have a dresser drawer just for uniform clothes, and a daily clothing organizer with slots to lay out uniforms for the week ahead. Make sure shoes fit, and if you need new shoes just for gym class, be sure to get those now. Check backpacks and lunch boxes, making sure they are in good shape and free of holes, worn spots, etc. Replace water bottles if needed. Also, check and make sure your kiddos have proper-fitting rain gear for the new school year.

Schedule your back to school well-visit

Our kids always go to their pediatrician for a well-visit before each school year starts. Many states require these visits, but if yours doesn't, it's a good idea to schedule one anyway. Many doctor's offices can be backed up with visits this time of year, so I would suggest scheduling your appointment sooner rather than later to make sure that your child can get in before school starts. If it's a required visit, don't forget to take any needed forms or paperwork with you on the day of the appointment.

Of course, these are just a few tips for heading back to school. I have many others to share with you later this week. Be sure to stay tuned for more, and in the meantime, drop a comment with your best tips for getting organized before your kids head back to school.

Happy back-to-school organizing!

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