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Avoid these mistakes when setting a new playground


Working on the blueprint of a playground may be a rewarding and fun experience. However, there are chances of making mistakes if you do not have experience. Dealing with commercial equipment requires technical know-how and expertise. Apart from the correct product, it would help if you had a passion for executing the project. Try to have a network of individuals who will help you in this process. 

Wrong size of the playground

The first mistake which individuals often make is to believe that there is no one size fits all formula. Designing the playground requires contemplation of several aspects. From the number of children to the surrounding environment to the traffic outside, there are multiple aspects to consider. If you want the playground to stand out in the neighborhood, you must pay attention to these factors.

First of all, you have to estimate the correct number of kids you think would use this area. Designing the play space so that it provides 75 square feet to every child is a must. For preventing potential hazards and overcrowding, you have to make use of available playground equipment.

Don’t spend more than your budget

Every project has an estimated budget. Exceeding your budget is not desirable. People have many queries regarding the amount of money they have to spend on the playground project. Multiple factors determine this answer. The numbers of children you want to visit the playground, typologies of equipment you select, site preparation make a huge difference. When working on your playground blueprint, you must have an eye on your budget. Usually playground equipment makes up 50 to 60% of the entire budget. Apart from this, you will also have to bear installation charges and site preparation costs.

Try to pay attention to children of different ages. 

When schools take up new project designs, they are aware of the age range. Hence, they can design indoor playgrounds for the specific student community. On the other hand, community playgrounds are far from this estimation. Thus, it adds to the challenging aspect. You have to design a playground for individuals of different age groups. Therefore, you will have to include activity areas and products for individuals of various ages while working with playgrounds indoor by Orca Coast. You will also have to add labels or signage to help caregivers and parents identify appropriate play areas.

Proper planning is fundamental

Planning the playground layout is vital. The process is exciting and fun. However, few common mistakes may compromise your project. Ensuring the correct size of the playground, age-appropriate activity, meeting safety guidelines and other facets are critical areas to contemplate. For avoiding these mistakes, you may take the help of an expert.

Proper maintenance and upkeep are fundamental for keeping to the standard. Irrespective of the project size, experienced experts will help you select the correct equipment and install the same properly. Make use of their experience and professionalism so that you can decide on your project.

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