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5 Ways To Make The First-Time Special With Your New Partner


Making the first intimate move with your partner can be exciting, thrilling, awkward, and much more. Eventually, your anxiety will start melting when you will get to know your partner well in bed. But it is important to calm down the initial nervousness and anxiety to make your first-time special with the new mate. Here are some secrets for getting the best out of those cozy moments.

Communication is the key

It is natural to feel awkward about certain things in the beginning. You can feel shy to share your apprehensions with your partner. It is the reason why having a face-to-face conversation in person can turn things complicated. Try and start the conversation through a text. Open up and share your worries regarding the first-time experience with your new mate and see how things will get better. 

Share your past experiences

Before getting intimate with your new partner, turn back to your past experiences and share some of them to make the night worth enjoying. Share your awkward moments with them and ask about their experiences. Sharing your boundaries as well can also be a good idea. But, most importantly, do not bring your ex in between the moment as it can spoil the mood and the magic of the night.

Comfort is important

The first-time intimacy can be overwhelming. Focus on making each other comfortable rather than jumping into the act straightaway. Try using a whizzinator to make the moments enjoyable and bring a comfort level with your partner. Be vocal about the act and guide each other to have a perfect time together. Don't be body-conscious, but enjoy each other as you are!

Slow things down

It is important to keep things slow when it comes to having intimacy with your new partner. Do not rush with anything and make the most out of the moments. Talk to them about their experiences, pleasures, and fantasies. Moreover, keep things simple before getting into a playful mood. Be expressive, and do not let you or your person feel awkward or nervous the first time. Consider incorporating a sensual massage into your evening to help calm and relax you both. You can see here how to use cbd intimacy oil and how it can benefit you during intimacy, reducing anxiety and stress that could interfere with sexual performance and enjoyment. Furthermore, be sure to ask if it is actually the first time for them because they will need your support and guidance too.

Beautify your body

Before getting into the moment of pleasure, ensure you are physically ready. You can use your favorite conditioner or perfume to smell good and feel confident. Use selected products that can make your skin soft and radiant. It will help you make your intimate time more relaxed and beautiful. On the contrary, do check if your partner is allergic to any fragrance before trying them out.

At last, be honest and open about the relationship as this will help you relish the time with your special one. Do not make the experience overwhelming. Take this as an opportunity to learn about your mate and their intimate needs and desires. If somehow you come across an awkward state, do not feel bad. But take this as learning to do well in bed with your loved one today and forever.


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