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When Your Fur Baby Meets Your Human Baby

When Your Fur Baby Meets Your Human Baby 

 In May of 2019, to our surprise, we discovered that we were pregnant with our first baby. We were over the moon excited to bring this new bundle of life into our home. We immediately started making changes in our home to prepare the nursery and the house altogether. However, one change I was not prepared to make was to prepare our dogs for this new addition. 

Our dogs have been our life ever since we got them. Our oldest dog, Layla, is a shepherd mix who is now pushing 70 pounds. We knew when we got her that she would be an indoor dog, although we did not intend on her being so large. Anyways, I worried about her the most. She has the nickname “Old Lady” for a reason; even though she is only 3 years old. She is set in her ways and she knows when she wants something. We rescued her less than a month after being married and she completed our small family. 

I noticed as I was growing and changing with pregnancy, she was as well. Layla had become more clingy to me and always wanting to be with me. I worried how she was going to react when we brought in a tiny human, but more so as our baby grew into toddlerhood. I reached out to our friend who is a dog breeder about advice, she gave us advice on teaching Layla the word “gentle” and talk to her about the “baby” in my tummy (to which we would eventually name). She caught on very quickly to not jump on me, they say that female dogs can sense pregnancy. I truly believe she did. 

The day came when I delivered Addy and a few days later we were on our way home to introduce our dogs to her. Luckily, my brother in law was there to help us introduce them. Due to our hospital stay, we had not been home in almost a week, so I knew the dogs were excited to see us. My husband walked in with our bags and such. I walked in with Addy and sat down in the glider, holding her. Layla was the first one we introduced to Addy. I would be lying if I said was wasn’t nervous about how Layla would react. She came over to me, sniffed my incision from my c-section, then turned and sniffed Addy. She repeated that a few times of sniffing me, then Addy, me, and Addy again. It was like she knew that this little human came from inside me. Layla licked Addy’s little foot and walked away. I still think about that moment a lot; more times than none it makes me cry.

The bond between this little girl and Layla is the most heartwarming. The love they have for each still amazes me some days. In the early months of Addy’s life, whenever she would lay in her swing or play on her play mat, Layla was not far away. As Addy got a little older and started eating baby food, Layla learned that beside the high chair is the best seat in the house. Layla allows Addy to give her hugs and kisses and Layla gives her kisses in return. Addy has recently learned how to open the drawer where we keep the dog treats. I’ll catch her sneaking them to Layla about once a day. Whenever Addy is upset or crying, Layla is not far behind  I’ve even caught Layla licking Addy’s tears away. 

I worried so much about how Layla was going to adjust to this new life in our home (who would eventually take over our home), but now that we are expecting our second child, I do not worry about how Layla will just as loving and nurturing to this little one. The bond between our little girl and Layla is truly amazing and just another sign of how children love. 

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  1. Layla is so cute and is so good with your daughter. Our dog was the same way when my daughter was born.


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