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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Time to Hit the Trail

Happy Saturday, friends. Since we got rained (and frozen) out of our plans last weekend, I am so pleased that the weather will be cooperative this weekend. 

We had wanted to check out the trails at Mine Hill Preserve (in Roxbury, CT), based on the suggestion of our dear friend, Maria. Last weekend's visit got postponed and guess what? Today happens to be National Trails Day! I love how that worked out. 

Right now, we're getting our water bottles ready, packing up our lunch (including trail mix 😆), and applying all the sunscreen/bug guard! 

We always have this stuff on hand for our adventures.
No sunburn or bug bites for us, thanks! 

Will you be hitting the trails today? Share some of your favorite spots. I'm in Connecticut, but I love reading about places I might want to visit one day.  

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