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Top 10 Things You'll Need For Your Daughter's Princess Theme Birthday Party


Here’s a tip from all the parents that went through the same thing: the best way to deal with a princess phase is to ride it out. If your child wants to be a princess for their birthday, then getting a princess theme birthday party is a brilliant idea. 

Regardless if you’re planning to go all out or sticking to a budget, here are the top 10 things you have to have to make their day unique and magical.

Her princess gown

A princess can’t have a birthday party without a special gown. You don’t have to break the bank by buying a new one, especially if you’re handy with some fabric and a sewing machine. It’s important to model it after the princesses from movies that she likes, so make sure to get the colors and silhouette right.

A sparkling tiara

Top off the perfect dress with the perfect crown. The plastic ones are cheap and easy to find in craft and party stores, though they’re fairly easy to make as well. Either way, you can make the tiara more unique by putting fur or feathers to the base or putting silk ribbons at the ends. 


Because it’s a royal event, it should be announced royally. Invitations don’t have to be traditional cards, so ask your daughter what she wants them to look like. They can be shaped like unicorns, tiaras, or scrolls.


This is where you can get creative. Start from the entryway to the party proper. Think balloon arches, streamers, and painted banners. You can even go the extra mile and put slipcovers on the chairs and change the tablecloths to make them fit the theme. 

As for the color, one word: pink. Pink streamers, pink balloons, pink entryway banners, pink drapes, and tablecloths.

Birthday cake

This is going to be the highlight of all the party decorations. Everything, from the icing colors to the cake toppers and candles has to reflect the theme. A doll cake featuring her favorite princess is perfect for the party, although other designs like castle and crown cakes and fondants imitating princess beds are just as creative. 

Treats and snacks

Kids like to have variations in their food, so it’s best to give them several options. Think about party food appropriate for kids: fairy bread, popcorn, cupcakes, crisps, and mini pizzas. Make sure not to serve too much sugary food, or you’ll have a swarm of hyperactive children in your hands. You can also throw in some healthy options and make them attractive enough to eat: watermelon doughnuts, pumpkin muffins, chocolate-dipped oranges, and bunny apple slices.

Princess-themed food decorations

With pink tablecloths and table napkins, the food also has to keep with the theme. Cupcakes can have mini star toppers, and drinks can have straws with tiny tiaras. However, these have the potential to be choking hazards, so you can compensate with food coloring and fun shapes: sandwiches can be cut into crown shapes, cookies can look like pumpkins and frogs, and popcorn can be pink.

Props for princess-themed games

There are several princess-themed games that your daughter and her friends can play. Make sure to look up which ones to see what’s doable, choose an appropriate number according to how long the party will be, and prepare for the props needed for each game. Cinderella’s Lost Slipper is a popular princess-themed game, which requires a plastic or glass shoe that resembles Cinderella’s.

Craft kits

Crafting can be a fun party activity, too, especially if you need to calm the kids down. Have a kit of simple craft materials ready, such as colorful paper, non-toxic glue, a bit of glitter, and some stickers. It helps to already have a few ideas in mind to keep them focused, such as making special princess wands.

Party favor bags

Her friends should have party favor bags before they leave the party to remember the special day. Incorporate the princess theme in an assortment of toys and usable things, such as a small plastic tiara, stickers, a bottle of bobbles, and hair accessories. Make sure the bag also keeps with the theme by printing out princesses on paper bags or tying ribbons around pink organza pouches.

Planning a party can take up a lot of time, and it’s worse if you’re not good at crafting. Luckily, popular online shops have everything covered, from pink tableware to princess cake decors. Check out what they have to offer to find everything you need for your upcoming celebration.

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  1. These are all great ideas. Perfect for any little princess!


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