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Summer Days and Reading!


I know most moms (and possibly dads) are chasing their kiddos around, finding creative ways to fill the days. Growing up, a lot of my summers were spent hanging out with dad while he mowed, cut, and cleaned yards through his Lawn Service business. Thus, my sister and I had to be creative and find ways of fulfilling our time after we finished our "chores". 

We both became avid book- readers, so much so that we always got our school's Pizza Hut Book- It Awards (remember that? guess what, Book It still exists!), and always went through tons of library books in the summer!

Adult life means slightly less free time for pleasure reading, but I still fit it in. Lazy afternoons, Poolside or Beachside time, and maybe a few evenings here and there, I get the opportunity to dive into another world, to follow a story outside of my own, and to escape in imagination for a while. 

My mom still physically goes to the library and collects her paperback or hardback books, going through them as her time allows. I much prefer usage of my Kindle and library apps like Libby, Overdrive, and Axis. 

Mostly because, with my crazy summer hours traveling, camps, etc I usually can't make it to the library to grab physical books and/ or return them on time! This summer is slightly less chaotic as we are just engaging in normal work- life, but it's still busy! 

Recently, I was searching through the apps to find some books to reserve for upcoming vacation time. Not everything is on the apps and sometimes, like now, I'm stuck with super long "hold" times as the most popular summer authors were claimed in an instance. Yet, new recommendations and "best sellers" open up new authors and new stories to my world, so I'm excited to dive into them. 

Some of my favorite authors write about summer fiction around the low country: Karen White, Mary Kay Andrews, Kristy Woodson Harvey. I've also been into Elin Hildebrand's novels about Nantucket (never been there at all!) and occasionally some authors that write about the Puget Sound/ Seattle area too! 

Do you read on your own at all? If so, what type of genres do you like? Do you have a favorite author?

Do you read with your kids? Maybe on a lazy rainy summer afternoon? Or before bedtime? 

What are some of their favorite stories? 

Share with us on our socials and go find a book this summer! 

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