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Stay Charged with Other World Computing Travel Dock #MBPDADSDAY21 #REVIEW


There is nothing worse than being stranded in a crazy- busy airport due to summer thunderstorms and tornadoes with a dead cell phone battery. Living in a society that relies on tech means we always need to be charged up.. and we always need the correct ports and cables to stay charged up! 

It can be a pain to make sure that every single cable and charging system matches your tech. There is nothing worse getting somewhere and realizing you have your wall charger but not the right cable FOR the wall charger! Or worse yet.. your charger dies or has a freak accident while you are away and you have nothing to charge up your tech with!

This summer, dads can stay connected to the office and keep the family charged up with Other World Computing. 

Other World Computing strives to provide quality products for apple, android, and windows consumers that make tech live easier! From cables to drives, Other World Computing definitely can meet your family's technology needs!

The OWC USB-C Travel Dock E

This Father's Day, Dad will love the ability to throw a travel dock into his bag and not have to worry about the cables and hubs needed to keep all of his electronics together! Setting up his remote office at the lake cabin, at the beach house rental, or even while visiting the family will be an absolute breeze. 

The USB-C Travel Dock E will definitely make life easier and keep all tech charged up and connected. With it's 6 ports of connectivity, there is bound to be a port that will charge and attach your gear to your laptop.

It comes with 2) USB 3.2 Type-A, (1) HDMI 2.0, (1) SD card reader, (1) Gigabit Ethernet, (1) USB-C power pass through. 

The USB- C Travel Dock E is for phones, computers, and tablets that supports thunderbolt 3 or USB-C connections

This dock is super easy to use, keeps cords from being tangled, and means that you don't need a bunch of power chargers to plug into the wall! I especially love how it has an SD slot, because you can transfer your media from other devices over to your laptop super easily and not need a separate SD card reader. 

The USB-C Power Pass Through

The USB C power pass through is great too because there is its own cord slot for when its not in use. This dock does need a USB-C power adapter to stay charged and connected. Otherwise, it's the perfect way to reduce adapter and cord usage! 

Ethernet Port

I also like how it has an ethernet port. Our laptops are no longer designed with this function in mind and well, sometimes wi-fi just isn't available or is too weak for that conference call over Zoom. Dads will surely appreciate this feature if needing to do some high powered work in weak wi-fi areas. Certainly will save the frustrations of having to seek out reliable sources while away from the office! 

The OWC Travel E Dock is so easy to connect! And keep your other gear, like your cell, charged up!

This Father's Day, if you have a tech loving dad, check out Other World Computers to fulfill all his needs. Docks, Hubs, Cables, Batteries.. Other World Computer has it! These would make the perfect gift for dads who need to work from home, work while traveling, or love playing on their gadgets when with the family. Whether it's seeing up the projector for family movie night, or connecting everything for that very important presentation, dads will absolutely LOVE the travel dock E! 

Want it? Get it! 

Give Dad a great Father's Day Gift by grabbing the USB-C Travel Dock E from Other World Computing right now! 

Does Dad need a power bank, hub, or external drive? Other World Computing has all the latest and greatest tech solutions so make sure to check them out!

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What tech gear does your dad love? 

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  1. This is great. We have so many devices so I would love one when we travel.


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