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Say It Sunday

It's days that start with a hot cup of coffee but are filled with family that fill my heart.  Self care is about giving to yourself what your heart,body, and mind need most. I spent time with my mom and Gram yesterday after attending a baby shower for the next generation of children coming into our family. 
I had an amazing conversation with my Gram and finally got to tell her how she set the bar for how and who I would fall in love with.  If I didn't have the love that her and my Grandpa had, I didn't want it.  I'm happy to report I truly have it. She told me that life is what you make it and at 93 she said she has had a wonderful life and it mostly is because of laughter and realizing sometimes you need to say what you have to say. Life isn't always about right or wrong. 

I have a husband that laughs with me and let's me be myself. He handles all my quirks without batting an eye. Be buys out stores of the candies I love when I crave it and he loves everything and everyone I love even if he doesn't always get it.

Life is too short to not say what is on your mind.  Today, I am imploring you to let go of the stress of holding back what you need to say. Those who love you will understand and those that don't can kindly move along. 

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