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Rainy Summer Day? Fight Summer Blues With The Cookie Cups Baking Kits #MBPSUMMERFUN21 #REVIEW


Thank you to The Cookie Cups for providing these great kits in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

Growing up, my sister and I did not spend our entire summers immersed in preplanned activity. Often, we had to find things to do to curb "boredom" and had to be creative. Sometimes, we joined our grandparents in the kitchen, sometimes we got lost in a good book after building forts, and sometimes we lazily watched various Disney movies. Whatever our end goal was, we had to be creative, finding things to do. 

It can be hard to curb boredom with endless summer storms and hot sticky weather. If you find your children hanging around the home, complaining that they are bored, let them get creative in the kitchen! My niece absolutely loves being in the kitchen- making breakfast, baking, whatever her mom will let her do to use her creative juices and baked goods. 

As an aunt and a friend of baking myself, I would love to be in the kitchen with my niece and nephew, but time and distance often prevents this, so I try to send them kits and inclusions to cooking classes when I am able. I am excited to be able to share The Cooke Cups baking kits with them this summer! 

My niece is passionate about baking. Earlier this year, she made pie crust from scratch! I know she will love all of the ready to make ingredients found in The Cookie Cup Kits! 

The Cookie Cups provides ready made kits to entice even the smallest baker to get active and creative, using their imagination to make yummy treats! 

The Cookie Cups is a baked goods storefront that sells cookies in a unique way! Instead of the traditional method, owner Nicole Pomije, has found ways to make amazing cookies in mini cupcake pans. As Covid-19 hit, The Cookie Cups had to reimagine their business and launched at home baking kits. These kits are great for the entire family, of any age, to do together! 

The Cookie Cup sent over the Pizza Kit and the Unicorn Cookie Cup Baking Kit for my niece and nephew to try out during their rainy summer day blues. Each kit comes with all the necessary supplies for children to get hands on, creative, and perhaps even a little bit messy in the kitchen. Whatever the outcome, kids will definitely have fun and curb any boredom blues! 

The Pizza Kit comes with all the ingredients to make a 12' inch pizza. This is enough to feed 3-4 kids or two adults! The supplies include: 1 Apron, 1 Measuring Cup, 1 Stainless Steel Baking Pan, 1 Spatula, 1 Kid Friendly Pizza Cutter, 1 Rolling Pin, Pizza Flour, 4 oz. Gourmet Pizza Sauce, 1 Parmesan Packet, 1 Garlic Packet, 1 Italian Spice Packet, 1 Turkey Pepperoni Stick. Make sure to great the instructions included on the inside cover of the kit box! 

Kits are designed to include all ingredients but water, eggs, and oil.  The Apron, Spatula, Pizza Cutter, and Rolling Pin are of a child- friendly size, so that your youngest can be hands on. After all, it is hard for younger children to roll out huge pins and mix with large spatulas! This is a perfect way to make kids feel like they are in control, doing the work, rather than the adult. Adults- I challenge you to "give up" control in the kitchen while your children are using these kits. Sure, help them out with the heavy stuff and putting in/ pulling from a hot oven, but their motor skills will definitely develop if you teach them how to stir, how to mix, how to pour in all the ingredients together! And remember- its okay to make a mess, because you can clean up together! 

The Pizza Kit is simple to use and best of all- the pizza is made from scratch! There is something satisfying about making food by hand, using simple ingredients like flour. Along the way, your child can learn about measuring, about the ingredients we use in our food, and perhaps even learn about cooking temps and heat! Don't forget to have your child put on the Apron and be the greatest Pizza Chef ever!

If your child is looking to bake something sweet, the Unicorn Baking Kit will be right up their ally! Making 24 beautiful decorated cookie cups is the ultimate goal here. Using chocolate and a mold, Unicorn Horns will be made to top off your cupcakes. This mold is pretty small, so don't be afraid to coach and encourage your child while in the process. Part of developing awesome baking skills is the development of paitence. After all, wonderfully decorated baked goods take time, energy, and patience.. nothing is created instantly! 

The instructions, again located on the box, are easy to follow, but there are a lot of moving pieces in the making of these mini cookie cups. The 17 piece kit includes: 1 Apron, 1 Measuring Cup, 1 Silicone Baking Pan, 1 Mini Scoop, 24 Mini Cupcake Liners, 1 Unicorn Horn Mold, 1 Unicorn Plate, 1 Whisk, Flour, Sugar, Sweet Belgian Chocolate Chunks, White Chocolate, Pink Sprinkle Mix, Pink Powder, Marshmallows, Vanilla Frosting. 

Again, the mini liners, scoop, mold, whisk, etc are all child- friendly size to encourage child participation and creativity. To decorate the cookie cups, make sure that they are cooked (again- more paitence), so that the frosting and decorations don't melt! I would encourage adults to help children pour ingredients into individual bowls, so that sprinkles don't end up all over the floor. The best way I like to help kids decorate is place a flat baking sheet on the surface, and instruct kids to hold their goodies above it while decorating. This helps collect all materials and makes clean up a lot easier! 

Children will probably struggle with the unicorn horn mold. It's really small, needs freezer time, and only two at a time can be made. After a while, I could see younger children getting frustrated. Upper elementary children, who are determined to finish projects, like my niece, most likely wouldn't give up. I wouldn't have the ambitious goal of making and decorating these unicorn cookie cups all in one setting though. Perhaps give yourself and child breaks.. perhaps baking the cookie cups, then making some molds in the morning.. and finishing decorating late afternoon.. just in time for dinner dessert! 

One final note, each baking kit is for single use only. A lot of the included tools are reusable, but ingredients to make the pizza and unicorn cookie cups are enough for one activity each. Also, the Unicorn Plate in the kit is for one- time use only, especially if it gets wet, so don't have expectations that the plate can keep for another round. Of course, this is dependent upon it's condition and your kitchen space too. 

My niece loves the kitchen- doesn't matter if its baking or cooking. I'm excited for her to dive into The Cookie Cups Unicorn Kit and continue to grow her spatula skills! 

I will be gifting my niece and nephew with these kits on an upcoming visit and look forward to seeing their creations. I hope that each of them loves their kit and enjoys spending time with mom (or me) in the kitchen! 

Overall, the baking kits are a unique way to engage kids in boredom busters while having fun and learning at the same time! Like my niece and nephew, I am sure you have children who love helping in the kitchen, so these kits will be great experiences for them! 

I encourage you to gift a child in your life with one of these kits! Children will have lots of summer fun while falling in love with baking in the kitchen! 

Want it? Get it! 

Unlock your child's creativity and passions with one of The Cookie Cup's Baking Kits

Available to purchase from Amazon too! 

Currently, The Cookie Cup offers the Pizza Making Kit, the Unicorn Cookie Cups Kit, and a Rainbow Ravioli Kit.

 All 3 kits are fabulous way to curb summer rainy day boredom in the kitchen! 

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Do you have memories of growing up in the kitchen?

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