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Men’s Wedding Band Bloopers That You Should Take Care to Avoid


While every groom wants to have the perfect wedding band that everyone will admire, some mistakes can prove costly, both in terms of money as well as your image. Regardless of whether you have been married for years or are busy planning to tie the knot, there are a few issues about engagement rings that you should be careful to address so that your engagement band can be a prized possession for a lifetime.

Wearing a Ring with Loose Gemstones

If you have been regularly wearing your wedding ring for quite a few years and not taken it to a jeweler for maintenance, you could very likely have a situation where the prongs holding the gemstones may have become worn causing the stones to become loose in the setting. Even if you think that the stone is not loose enough for it to fall out, a slight jerk or a knock may result in the stone falling out and getting lost without coming to your attention. It is a good idea to inspect your ring every few months and if you notice even the smallest movement of the stone, you should hand it over to an experienced jeweler to readjust the prongs and secure the stone, advises a sales consultant at Epic Wedding Bands.

Selecting a Center Stone That Is Fragile

Even though you may love the idea of making your wedding band unique with a stone setting, you should not make the mistake of choosing fragile stones like emeralds, garnet, and aquamarine. Even though you will have an awesome engagement ring, fragile stones tend to chip easily, which can be hazardous if you lead an active life and plan to wear your ring every day. Similarly, pearls are too soft to be used on a ring so they are best avoided. They can also be damaged if you use hand sanitizer, according to Huffington Post. This is the reason why most jewelers recommend hard stones like diamonds, sapphires, and rubies for wedding bands; of course, their beautiful looks also help a lot.

Wearing the Wedding Band Continuously 

If you want to wear your prized wedding ring daily, you need to appreciate that it will experience a lot of wear and tear, especially if you lead an active life. Men who do a lot of manual work or have an active lifestyle can end up damaging their engagement bands. If you are keen to wear your ring round-the-clock, you need to appreciate that even simple task like cooking, doing the dishes, cleaning up the wardrobe or the shed, playing contact sports, etc. can give your ring scratches, nicks, or dings. The best course of action is to choose a robust ring material like tungsten that does not get damaged easily.


Regardless of the ring material or whether you have chosen gemstones in the setting, you need to undertake routine maintenance. Cleaning it periodically at home with a simple soap solution and a toothbrush works fine, however, if the ring is expensive, you should give it to a jeweler to check it out for damage, repair it, and clean it thoroughly.

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