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June Bump-date: 27 Weeks and Counting...


Well, here we are. June has arrived, and we're 27 weeks into my third and final pregnancy with Baby C. So far, Baby C has made two trips to the beach in utero, and is getting ready to embark on a family adventure to Florida this weekend. While I'm excited to travel, I am reminded that this will be our last big trip as a family before Baby C arrives in September. My goal is to make it extra fun for Beanie and B, so we'll have lots of memories made together to hold us through once things become a little more chaotic in late summer.

The baby is growing beautifully, and all of our testing has come back with normal results, which we are thankful for. Having this pregnancy labeled as a 'geriatric pregnancy' due to me being over 35 stings a bit, and has had us worried when we really need not have been. My health is good, weight gain (ugh- such a hard part of pregnancy to deal with) is on track, and I've had more energy than I did in the first trimester of this pregnancy, without a doubt.

I haven't had any substantial cravings, but am noticing that I am hungrier more often. I know it's all part of the baby's demand for more nutrients, but goodness, sometimes it's rather annoying. The thing that I want to be able to eat more than anything is just a deli sandwich. Yes- cold deli meat and cheeses with condiments and veggies. Hot sandwiches just aren't for me- unless we're talking about a delicious Philly cheesesteak! I broke down and made homemade chicken salad, which is probably as close as I will get to my desired sandwich. I also had a craving for French onion dip with chips, so I just indulged all at once and got that one out of the way. I was sure to buy a small container of dip, so I don't just have dip sitting around (because I will eat it all!).

At 27 weeks, baby is around 15 inches long, as big as a head of lettuce, and weighs around 2 pounds. It's hard to believe that in another 12-13 weeks, we'll have a baby girl in our arms. While there is a lot of joy and excitement over our new baby, it's met with sadness and mourning from me, as I make peace with it no longer being just the four of us. God obviously had a bigger picture of what our family was meant to be than I did, and all I can do is trust in Him and accept and embrace these changes.

Our family rhythm is always being thrown off somehow, but we've learned to adapt quickly and roll with the punches. Here's hoping the transition from two to three kids will be easy.

For now, we're soaking up every bit of summer that we can... enjoying being out of school, enjoying workdays that are a little less stressful, and of course, enjoying sun and sand as we're able to get them!
My next check-up with for baby will be right after we come back from Florida, so stay tuned for our C-section date announcement... it's coming!

Wishing you a wonderful week!

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