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Is your teen drinking too much? Here’s how you can help!


To even begin and comprehend the solution of a problem, what you need to understand first is the cause of it! Then and only then can you even attempt to solve it. As known that Children are the future, and it is a parent’s utmost responsibility to love and provide for their kids and try and understand them. 

When children enter into the teenage period of their lives, they find themselves facing so many changes all at once. Now they are not kids but not an adult either, i.e., stage of confusion. Their body is changing, which may lead to self-doubt or overconfidence. They are at war with their emotions. They have a newfound sense of independence and a thrill of risk. Their old life isn’t “cool” enough anymore. 

Such changes/factors are associated with the beginning of alcohol use. Then some factors push teenagers towards alcohol, like peer pressure to fit or meet expectations, feel grown-up, find comfort or release, etc. But at this age, children are sensitive, and as their brains are still maturing, they have high alcohol tolerance, which may result in alcohol addiction.

Signs that your kid is getting addicted to alcohol:

  • The smell of alcohol on their body and breath.

  •  Glassy or bloodshot eyes

  •  They are lying and stealing to get money.

  • A sudden change of friend circle.

  • Unsteady walk

  • Incoherent speeches

  • Languishing appearance

  • Verbally or physically abusive

  • Memory loss

  • Flushed skin

  • Increased tolerance level to alcohol

  • Use of other drugs

  • Withdrawal episodes

  • Argumentative and defensive behavior

  • Craving alcohol constantly

  • Constant mood swings, etc., are the basic symptoms of alcohol addiction.

This is how you can help!!!

The influence of parents is always there whether or whenever teenagers begin to drink. Family policies about alcohol are important. If you are the parents, choose to drink (often or not), monitor your consumption, and teach your children about the responsible consumption of alcohol. But what else is there for a parent to make sure their children do not get addicted to alcohol. Or how can they help their child if he/she already is addicted? 

  • Talk to your kid and understand their psyche:  Try and understand their ways of live,  their opinions, troubles, etc. And then advise them on how they can overcome their problem. And that alcohol is not the solution to their troubles.

  • Involve your teen in your life and have an open mind: This way, they come in more contact with you, resulting in their better understanding of you. That makes them comfortable being around you and less hesitant in asking for help if they need it. Have a productive conversation by keeping an open mind to listen and understand their point of view. Provide a safe and calm environment.

  • Make your kid aware of the negative effects of alcohol: Tell them the impacts that alcohol can have on their lives that it can cost them dearly as it affects both mental and physical health. By drinking alcohol without keeping it in check, they are privy to addiction, alcohol poisoning, unprotected sex, etc. Also, drinking in excess instigates the use of other drugs like cocaine, heroin or marijuana, etc. 

  • Don’t hesitate to get outside/expert help!: If your kid is too far gone in their addiction, you can help them via an outside source like bringing them into an intoxication institution. There are well-known institution for alcohol detoxification. Alaska rehab centers are well known for their work in this field. It has many nonprofit, sliding scale, and faith-based treatment centers helping in finding the rehab according to their payment capability. There are many high-profile rehab centers that cater to your need and requirements. 

The Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS), through the Adolescent Health Program, offers numerous programs to make parents and teachers aware of alcohol abuse, etc. 

Then there are Kentucky alcohol rehab centers working for the same cause. Alcohol abuse is most common and has a fatal pattern called binge drinking. 

Keep an eye on your child. Make sure they do not fall into the same pattern of alcohol as before. Involve them in fitness, art, and other activity to keep them engaged. 

Become your kid’s safe place:

A parent knows their child best, so you have to be the first to initiate a conversation if you have any concerns regarding their use of alcohol. If needed, gain their trust.

But above all, your kid needs is your love and support. Be there for them. Provide them with an environment that lifts their spirit and compels them to open up about their issues. Build the communication gap so that your kids can share their confusions and troubles with you, avoiding many wrong decisions and unruly circumstances. Inform your kid of the results of excessive use of alcohol. Make them feel comfortable and welcome.

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