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How to Make Ribbon Bows

 The perfect gift for the person who has everything, how about a ribbon bow! Ribbon bows are easy to make, and you can do it with or without any prior experience. This article will show you how to make various types of ribbon bows that will be perfect for any occasion.

Basic Bow

Cut a length of ribbon- When selecting ribbon for bows, you want to make sure it's long enough. Always allow extra for shaping the bow and leaving a long enough tail. Next, uncoil the ribbon from its packaging and lay it down on a flat surface.

Next, bring the two tails of your bow together, cross one end over the other, and you'll have both looped ends and two dangling tails. Basic bows can have loops that are not very evident.

Adjust the proportions: To make sure both loops and tails are the right sizes and that they're symmetrical, it's important to construct a strip of paper for reference.

The left loop should be folded over the right one. - Pull the ribbon through each of the two holes at the front side, then take a turn around and pass it through your original go-around.

And that's how the basic bow will look after following these few steps.

Grosgrain Ribbon Bow

Measure and wrap the ribbon. To make a basic bow out of ribbon, cut 6 ½ feet (2 meters) of grosgrain ribbon. When wrapping the ribbon around the box, do not make uneven loops. Once you have joined the box and the ribbon, use glue or tape to hold them together until they maintain their grip.

Make a loop with the ribbon: Pull the loop back to the center join. To start the bow, hold the ribbon down with a finger. Make sure that the ribbon is folded twice in-line with each other. The next step is to fold back to the opposite side of the loop. Glue or tape in place, if desired. Make one more loop by bringing the ribbon back over the top.

Create more loops: Move to the other side of the center. Repeat three more loops in the same way, taking them back to glue.

This is how the grosgrain bow is done with few simple steps. One of the few ribbons for special occasions are grosgrain ribbons and is available easily in the market.

Wire-Bound Ribbon Bow

Cut a piece of ribbon: This ribbon can be used for a variety of presents and gift themes, such as gift wrapping, floral arrangements, hair accessories, or party decorations. To start, lay the rolled-up ribbon out flat.

Create two loops of ribbon: Bring the two ribbon pieces side-by-side in the center of the bow. There should always be tails at the ends as well. Hold the ribbon at its center to keep it secure.

Wrap and conceal the wire: Put a piece of wire tightly around the middle (neck) of the desired type of bow. It would be best if you wrapped ribbon or tape around the wire to conceal it. With the desired color in mind, cut out a thin strip of ribbon that will serve as an accent or center. To create a bow, either glue or stitch the wound ribbon piece in place.

Adjust the loops and tails- Adjust the loops as needed so that they match. Cut the ribbon tails to prevent fraying. Create a wired bow and add it to your next gift or wreath.

Wired-Bound Ribbon is ready with some easy steps.

Floral Ribbon

Cut a length of ribbon: Cut a length of 115cm/45 inches. This design has the appearance of a full-bloomed flower. These wire loop wrap bows are versatile and useful.

Measure your loops: The loop should be about two and a half centimeters in size, measuring twenty centimeters back from the end of the ribbon. Hold the ribbon with your thumb and forefinger.

Fold the loop: Bring the long end of the ribbon up to make a loop on the left side of the pinched loop. Use your thumb and forefinger to secure the ribbon.

Alternate sides: Make another loop, starting on the right side this time. There are many different ways to make Ribbons bows. One way is to continue making loop shapes, each time alternating between loops to create pairs. Make about three to five loops paired.

Secure the bow- Place thin gauge wire around the center of the ribbon bow. To create a crisp bow, twist tightly and trim off excess wire. Wrap the wire with a long piece of ribbon. Wrap one piece of ribbon around the center wire. Cover with a second piece of ribbon and glue or stitch in place.

Fan out the loops: The ribbon should be curved in a round shape like a flower to give one impression.

Christmas Bow

Most people envision a classic ribbon bow when they hear the term "bow." This is the easiest bow to make of all four types. The first steps to making a classic Christmas bow involve picking out either a regular ribbon or a wired ribbon. It is recommended to use a wired ribbon that allows us to mold the loops into full shapes rather than lay flat.

Step 1: To create the bow, make three loops in your ribbon and pull them tight—one upward-facing loop and two loops that face downwards.

Step 2: To tie a bow, take the right loop and cross it over the left so that the tail of the right loop is hanging down.

Step 3: Fold the right side of the left loop through the center eye of your bolt.

Step 4: Place ribbon how you want it, and attach the ends, secure with glue or string. And enjoy your bow.


 I hope you enjoyed learning how to make ribbon bows. Whether for yourself or as a gift, it's important to have the right materials and follow some simple steps to get the best results. Remember that these items are versatile, so don't just limit them! Try making different kinds of ribbons bows with different types of material like grosgrain, wired bound ribbon bow, floral ribbon bow, etc.

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