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Free the Fun This Summer with New Toys from MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU #Minions


Thanks to Click Communications and Universal for sending us product to facilitate this post. All thoughts are my own.

Ever wonder what two kids chasing each other around with a misting fart blaster looks like? Free the fun this summer with new toys from MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU! We're fresh back from our Florida vacation, and trust me, I've worried about my kids being bored after our epic trip. Thankfully, we have an awesome movie to look forward to seeing in July, and our friends at Universal sent us some cool toys to amp up our excitement.

FREE THE FUN this Summer with Illumination’s Minions! Sweet, subversive, and always unpredictable, the Minions are back to save the day and make sure your family has the best summer yet. From toys to games and even some yummy treats, the fun never stops with the mischievous antics of Kevin, Bob, Stuart, and all the beloved Minions.

There are so many cool toys to enjoy during this exciting time of MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU coming to the big screen. Gosh, it'll feel so good to be back in a movie theater to see it! For now, we're having a lot of fun at home with a couple of the toys from the movie. Check them out!

New toys from MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU- Fart 'n Fire Gun and Babble Otto.

Toy Features and Specs

Licensee: Mattel
SRP: $29.99
Retailer: Amazon, Target, Walmart

• Be as mischievous as the Minions and gas out your friends with the
Fart 'n Fire™. This super-size blaster lets it rip in a variety of
outrageous ways.

• The adjustable, telescoping barrel, built in trigger-activated farts and
two modes of play deliver 20+ different fart sounds from blips to
drawn out bombs.

• Plus, when you pull the barrel all the way back, you can release a
realistic fart mist for added funny effect. It has an easy-to-fill water
chamber so you can blast gassy mists over and over again.

• Pull the trigger and cycle through a variety of outrageous fart
sounds. Or create your own toots by extending or shortening the
trombone chamber. Fart in quick, short bursts or nail a friend with a
drawn-out, loud blast.

Licensee: Mattel
SRP: $29.99
Retailer: Amazon, Target, Walmart

Enjoy Minions: The Rise of Gru action and laughs with new
character Otto!

• This large interactive toy features nine different ways to play,
20+ sounds and phrases and state of the art tech for the
ultimate, realistic Minions response!

• Move him in a variety of ways and he reacts with different
expressions for each action. You can tilt him left, tilt him
right, fly him around, turn him upside down and hear a
variety of funny Minion responses. Put the included sacred
stone in his pocket and he reacts ecstatically.

• At the end of play, lay him down and he will sing himself a
lullaby and go to sleep.

Let's play!

The two kids have had the best time running around the house, chasing each other with the Fart 'n Fire Gun. It's a really silly toy that makes even their little-to-no fun mom laugh out loud. Yes, it may be rude, but it's funny all the same. The funniest part of this toy is that it mists water as it makes the toot noises, making you feel like you've truly been blasted with a wet one. Eww! So gross, yet so fun. To my kids (five and ten), this is absolutely hilarious. Can't say that I blame them.

The cute Babbling Otto character toy is so cute! When you push down on his hair, he babbles in Minionese, a welcome sound this summer as we look to add joy and laughter back into our lives. Otto lights up and his mouth moves while he talks. His arms are moveable, and when he lays down, he snores- so cute! We can't wait to meet this character in the movie- the toy has us super intrigued.

There are tons of other cool toys like these which you can find at retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Amazon to celebrate the movie release, and add a whole lot of fun to your summer.

We can't wait to see this movie! Catch it in theaters on July 1st. 
Thanks for the laughs, Illumination! 

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  1. Very silly and fun toys. A movie in a theater? Ooo, yes please.


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