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Fashion Finds On A Budget: Goodwill Edition

Growing up in a suburb of Baltimore, my mom and I frequented thrift stores such as Value Village and Goodwill. 

 As a child, I assumed everyone shopped at discount or second-hand stores. I looked forward to going shopping with my mom and scoring some amazing finds! To this day, my mom and I enjoy thrifting and some of my favorite pieces have been loved by others before me. 

If you're skeptical about Goodwill or consignment, I hope this post will show you that style doesn't need to be expensive to be cute!

In this look, the top is Ralph Lauren but the secret is that it's a men's shirt. Ladies, browse the men's section at Goodwill and you can pair a cute dress shirt with a pair of khaki shorts and create this look. 
I snagged these black, Crown & Ivy shorts for around $3 and the shirt was $4. Paired with a white tee I already owned, this entire look came to a whopping $7 and can be styled in a variety of ways.

This top is also snagged from the men's section. The top is a men's size small but pairs perfectly with these cropped, ladies jeans! Both items are from Goodwill and purchased at a steal for a grand total of $8. 

Ok, who doesn't love Simply Southern?! If you live in the south, you know this brand. These tees will cost you at least $20 brand new and I was able to find this mint green top for a buck. This shirt is practically brand new and was around one dollar! The khaki shorts were grabbed in the men's section and while they are a bit frumpy and loose, I think they can create a really cute outfit for a casual, summer day. I guess I've always been a bit of a preppy girl and I'm not sorry about it one bit!

The final item I am super excited about is this 100% linen top that I purchased for $4 from Goodwill. All of these items are from the same Goodwill store in my town but most were purchased during different visits. I try to stop by once a week or so and see what's new. This shirt is so beautiful and when I looked it up online, is quite pricey brand new. 

Do you have to dig and sort? Yes. Is it going to take all day? Absolutely, not. I never spend more than fifteen to twenty minutes in the store, now that I have the hang of it. I can sort through quickly and efficiently and have trained my eyes to spot something worthwhile. I've been able to purchase Abercrombie, American Eagle, Hollister, Ralph Lauren, Levis and many more. 

More so than the amazing prices, I just enjoy the hunt and the thrill of finding an amazing piece to add to my wardrobe. The excitement never gets old and while some may not get it, I know some of you do! I would love to hear your thoughts below. Would you wear any of the above looks? 


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  1. WOW you did great. I am impressed you found a Simply Southern shirt for a buck!


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