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Do You Yard Sale?

I'm using yard sale as a verb in this case. Do you yard sale?

As a child, my mom and I would spend some Saturday mornings scouring the nearby neighborhoods for yard sales. Often times, I would find a small treasure and she would score a ceramic creamer or interesting painting. For me, these are fond childhood memories and I wonder in 2021, are yard sales a thing of the past?

With Facebook marketplace, eBay and countless other sites to sell personal merchandise, I was afraid in-person sales have become a bit prehistoric. 

This past weekend,  my aunt was hosting a moving sale and invited us to come along if we had anything we would like to include. I explained to my two young sons that whatever they chose to sell, they would be able to keep the profit. They are not strangers to online selling as they have helped me sell numerous items on eBay. 

We gathered a bag of no longer wanted items and drove the hour to my aunt's home. I was pleasantly surprised by how many people showed up to browse and make purchases! My aunt was selling an entire blanket of used books and allowed me to take what I wanted for my kiddos. I was able to grab a bag full of amazing adolescent fiction to keep on hand for the coming years. 

My son sold a few items and at the end of the day, he and his brother were able to tuck away a few extra bucks. Though it was an incredibly hot day, we enjoyed spending time with family, talking with strangers and rehoming some of our belongings to be loved by someone new. 

Do you yard sale? What are your favorite treasures to discover? 




  1. oh ya i luv yd sales.tho i rarely go cuz i'm usually 2 busy when they have em.so i'm bummed out.i wish they had them on othr days so i can go 2 sum.+with the virus i dunno how many we have these days.:( i miss those things.

  2. I used to but don't anymore. It is a great way to find some good deals!


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