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Beat Summer Boredom with SCUPLD #REVIEW #MBPSUMMER21


Thank you to SCULPD for the product to review. The opinions are 100% my own.

Are your kids already saying, "I'm bored!"? SCULPD has just the thing to cure that boredom! Get crafty with creating your own pottery without needing to fire it! What fun our family had creating and spending time together!

In our home, we love to create! It has been so much fun taking a big ol' wet lump of clay and shaping it with our hands into a loveable creation. We made several smaller items rather than large items. This way we were all able to give it a try. Boy was it fun! We sculpted, laughed, and created together!

The kit comes with everything you need to get creative! It has:

Two Packs Premium Air-Dry Clay

Step-By-Step Pottery Guide

Pottery Carving & Shaping Tools

White Waterproof Paint


Sponge for smoothing

It was so easy to use. We created and then allowed the creations to dry overnight. Then we used the included white paint to make the items waterproof. After that, we got our acrylic paints out and decorated. 

Not only did it beat their boredom, but it was a multi-day project and so much fun! Here is my daughter's finished project.

Want it? Get it!

Round up your friends and family, get inspired, get creative, and get your hands into some of the good stuff! with SCULPD! Be sure to check them out on their website!


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