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Attending A Concert: All You Need To Know


As the world starts to open up finally, you may be busy making plans to get out of the house and start enjoying life again. Unfortunately, large venues offering music and concerts were closed during the pandemic, and understandably, people have missed them. So, what do you need to know about concerts?

Which one, and where 

Firstly, you should research online or social media to find what’s on offer for the genre you enjoy. Mainstream artists will likely be more costly, so you should establish a budget for the trip. It would help if you decided how comfortable you are with crowds. Famous bands or singers will attract a large audience and are likely to perform at venues that cater to thousands of fans. If you’re comfortable with large crowds and consider it part of the fun, book the tickets and have a great time. If crowds aren’t your preference, choose a smaller, lesser-known band or theater show for your entertainment. 


Choosing what clothes to wear to a concert is fun, and there are endless options. If you want to get into the spirit of the night, why not wear some funky make-up or accessories relating to the band. 

You could search up 8Ball tees for a great choice of t-shirts with music themes; a great way to make a statement. The t-shirts are comfortable and well made—ideal for staying cool during a night of dancing. 

Transport and accommodation 

Getting to and from the concert can be tricky, especially if it is a high-profile event. Always plan ahead in order to avoid stress and time pressures. If you live in the city where you are attending the concert, check details for car parking. If you’re planning on drinking alcohol, always use public transport. Most cities have great train and bus links, so check out the timetables beforehand.

In order to avoid the inevitable queues, plan to get to the venue in plenty of time. A few hours before the start time is ideal, so you can find a seat and buy some refreshments if required. 

If you are traveling quite far to the venue, and your budget allows, you could stay overnight nearby and make a weekend of it. There are many cost-effective accommodation options, such as Air BnB; or you could even take a tent and stay at a local campsite. Staying nearby will allow you to arrive the day before or avoid having a late trip back. 


If you’ve never attended a concert before, you may be concerned about security at the venue. Organizers of large events take protection seriously, so expect body and bag searches, security guards, and body wands. 

Most security guards will control people walking in, and everyone will require evidence of a paid-for ticket. Latecomers will be turned away, so this is another reason to get there on time.

Another job of security guards is crowd control. With many people in one space cramming together to see their favorite band, there is an increased risk of getting crushed or trampled on—and guards need to manage this to avoid serious injury. 

It’s reassuring to know that you will receive protection during the concert; leaving you free to enjoy the night. 

As life slowly returns to normal, be vigilant, but enjoy the renewed freedom doing the activities you love.

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