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Are You Doing These Things to Keep Your Dog Healthy?


Having a dog by your side automatically brightens up your day. Isn't it? But are you doing enough to keep their health top-notch? Well! It's not about the cuddles alone. It's about taking care of every aspect of your dog's health and wellness so that they can lead a happy life. 

So, here are the dog wellness guidelines that you must follow to keep your dog healthy. Let's get started!

Veterinary Care

You need to keep in touch with an experienced veterinarian to set the tone right for your dog's overall health. Make sure the doctor carries out routine wellness examinations at least once a year. 

Moreover, all dogs need to be vaccinated. Besides the usual ones, there are some optional vaccinations as well. You need to talk to the doctor to see what vaccinations would be appropriate according to your dog's lifestyle. 

If you have a puppy, visit the doctor after every few weeks during the first few months. However if you have an adult dog, they might need special attention because of any chronic health condition or illness. In that case, make sure to comply with your vet's recommendations. 

For instance, many vets are recommending CBD oil nowadays to take care of various symptoms impacting a dog's life. As per the information provided on this site, https://cbddoghealth.com/product/calm-cbd-oil-for-dogs/, CBD oil is quite beneficial in reducing anxiety, pain, and inflammations in dogs. 

Routine Exercise 

Many dog owners don't have any idea about "how much exercise is good enough?" Remember, failure to do so can make your dog a bit destructive, which might result in behavioral problems or separation anxiety. 

It's like feeding your dog good food that will give him/her plenty of energy. But they need to spend this energy using exercise or other physical activities. Ideally, dogs require at least two hours of exercise every day. However, it depends on the breed, size, and age of the dog. Determine what's best for your dog and make a routine of it. 

Regular Grooming

If you think only fancy dogs require grooming, you are highly mistaken. Every dog requires one or another form of physical upkeep. You need to go for monthly nail trim and bath for an average dog. For short-haired dogs, you have to brush their coat every other week. And if by any chance you have a long-haired dog, you'll have to brush the hair daily. 

Final Words- Keep Track of Warning Signs 

A dog is a highly adorable and happy-go-lucky creature if you take care of its basic needs. So, besides the points mentioned above, you must also take an interest in your dog's dental care. Otherwise, the plaque build-up might lead to serious health problems. 

It goes without saying that dogs can't speak, so you need to take help from signs or cues they give you. The dog exhibits several signs if there is an underlying health condition. You must watch out for such signs and contact your vet right away. Or else it might severely impact their life. 

So, without further ado, start doing these things and help your dog lead a healthy life. 

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