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When and how to use a mini excavator


A mini excavator has many uses in construction and can be a worthwhile investment if you can identify multiple occasions when you need one for planned projects. Equally, renting a mini excavator or acquiring it on finance lease may also be cost-effective if you need a variety of excavators for different jobs or you only need it for a fixed period. In this blog, we will take you through the many uses of a mini excavator to help you to decide if this machine would be a beneficial addition to your construction repertoire.

What are the uses of a mini excavator?

Don’t let the name lead you to believe that these excavators are in any way mini, while they are smaller than other excavators these machines still hold their own. However, their smaller size does allow them to bring a lot of power to a small space so they are beneficial for use with projects that are small to medium in size. Let’s go through a few projects to give you an idea of their usefulness. 

Snow plow

While not an official snow plow, a mini excavator can be used to remove snow from the road using a specific attachment. Their size allows them to maneuver around tricky roads that have borne the brunt of heavy snowfall, allowing for successful clearance and a return to safety on the roads.


Small structures that need to be removed can take an age to demolish when done painstakingly by hand. With a mini excavator, demolition of small structures is far more efficient. The machine can fit into tight spaces to enable it to effectively reach areas where small structures need to be taken down. 


As you might expect, a mini excavator is the perfect tools for digging holes in hard to reach spaces. If you are requiring holes to be dug on a construction site in awkward spots, this can take a lot of time and people power using traditional techniques such as shoveling. Using a mini excavator to dig holes will increase the speed of completion of a project, and free up your workers to put their time to more efficient use. 

Sewer works

While not everyone’s favorite job, basic repair work on a sewer line can be significantly improved by the use of a mini excavator. The benefit of using a mini excavator in this way is that work is quicker, and it is a lot cheaper to use this machine for such a project than its larger counterparts. You will need to ensure that the digging depth of the mini excavator can reach the required sewage line and then you’re good to go.

Pool and hot tub installation 

For those fortunate clients that wish to have a pool or hot tub installed in their backyard then a mini excavator is the perfect machine for the job. As this piece of machinery is smaller than a traditional digger, it can work its way around a backyard easily and, if you’re careful, you can even avoid ruining the flower beds! 

How do you use a mini excavator?

Safety must always come first when using heavy-duty machinery as accidents can be fatal. It is essential, therefore, that anyone using a mini excavator receives thorough training on how to use this piece of machinery from a professional. A comprehensive read of the instruction manual is also a requirement when using mini excavators and, once trained and fully up to speed, make sure you test the vehicle first in an open space that is level. It can take time to get used to using a mini excavator so, if you are recently trained, make sure you have an expert on hand to support you during your first attempts in the driving seat.

Maintaining a mini excavator

If you’ve invested in a mini excavator then you want to be taking care of it to ensure the longevity of its lifespan. If you’re using your excavator daily then it is important to regularly maintain the oil and filter changes to ensure the engine functions properly. On top of this be sure to check the water levels and track tension and ensure pivot points are lubricated regularly. The final drive motor of your mini excavator will also run its course at some point, however, these motors are easy to replace. 

A mini excavator is an incredibly useful piece of machinery to have on your construction site. It can save a lot of time, and make the completion of projects much more efficient allowing your team to focus on other tasks. With the ability to get into tight spaces and increase productivity, you will soon wonder how you ever coped without your mini excavator.

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