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Weekends with the Wigglesworths-A Mother's Day Epiphany

Happy Saturday, friends! It is the day before Mother's Day and for various reasons the day can feel overwhelming.  For me, I am always worried about finding that perfect gift for my own Mom. She's been a mom for 41 years and has 4 daughters, so it's difficult to find something that she hasn't already been gifted.

This year something dawned on me...I've loved every gift my own girls have ever given me. The fact that they put thought into what to gift me makes me smile. What I love most, however, the part that fills my heart with pure joy, is that they spend time with me! They tell me stories and they listen to mine. We play games together or read together or go for walks together. Those moments together are the real gift! The memories that will bring smiles to our faces and warmth to our hearts for years to come will outlast any material item. My own mom likely feels the same way. 

So, now I'm feeling a little less stressed about tomorrow and I hope that you are too!

Have a spectacular Saturday!

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