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The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Matching Women’s Health Doctor

 If you are a woman like many others, it might be difficult for you to open up to a doctor. And as women, there are just many parts of your intimate and private life that you will always need a doctor for. Whether it is for family planning, gynecological examinations, pregnancy testing, pregnancy care, menopause management, and more.

Finding a good womens doctor Parramatta could be a challenging and overwhelming task. The fact there are multiple clinics at your disposal makes it even more difficult to decide, especially if it is your first time. And you may feel a little skeptical about it too.

Here are some tips to go about getting the best doctor that matches your needs;


It is interesting how women can discuss their personal issues with one another, especially best friends, but find it difficult with a doctor, it could be because doctors might appear as strangers. Getting a recommendation from a friend you trust and even share your issues with is a great way to land the best doctor.

Always ask for their reviews and how they would rate them. Inquire about every detail before setting an appointment or making a decision. While this is a great place to start, always remember that just because this doctor best suited your friend doesn’t mean they will best be suitable to you too; be open-minded. 

Online Reviews

The place to look is online. Check out the reviews of the doctor and what other past patients are saying about them. This will provide you with great insights into how the doctor works. This typically is a representation of other people’s experiences. See how you like it.

Social Media

Social media is also a powerful research tool and you could make use of it too. You will not only find the different doctors around you but also their reviews as well. Again, go for those with many positive reviews. 

Things To Look For

Now that you have compiled a list of potential doctors you might want to work with, is how to filter them out and remain with the one that best matches your requirements;


The first thing you want is trust. While it is typically not according to doctors’ ethics to reveal their patients’ details, you still need to be reassured. You also want to make sure that you can well understand each other and she will best understand your needs. 


You also want to pay attention to professionalism. This is an indication of a lot of things like the doctor’s experience, their ability to work with and handle different patients, and more. Check out their choice of words, the questions they ask you, how they respond, and so on. 


Experience is the key to the best doctor. It is not just about the credentials and qualifications on paper. It is about how long they have been in the field, what kinds of patients they have attended to, how they handle their patients and the overall design they handle all their medical practices. 


Credentials are also just as important. When choosing a doctor, you want to pick the one with the necessary certification. This is an indication that they have the necessary training, qualifications, skills, and experience to provide women’s health care.


This might not seem like a thing and you might not think about it prior to you get to the hospital. The reason why this is important is that you have to feel comfortable discussing even the most private issues with your doctor. Some women are more comfortable with male doctors while others are more comfortable with female doctors. 

General Hospital/ Clinic Quality

Don’t just focus on the doctor as an individual. You also want to pay attention to the quality of the hospital your doctor treats his/ her patients. You also want to consider the hospital distance, location, and just about every tiny detail. This is important because it will also contribute to the end result of your visits to the doctor.

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