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The Mommies that Made Me

These 4 women are the strongest women I know.  It is because of them, I became the mom that I am.  These women are my Gram, my mom, and my Aunts. These are the women that inspire me to be the woman I am and mostly the people that taught me how to be a mom.

Today, we honor Mothers across the country for being the nurturer, the nurse, and the heart that holds the family together.  We have one day a year to feel extra loved, but there is no day where a mom isn't needed. To the moms with adult children- Your job is never done. Our kids grow up and move to build their own lives but we built them up to do just that.  

To the moms with younger kids... enjoy every minute because they grow so quickly.  The tantrum that made you want to scream is just their way of navigating through life at this moment. It will pass. You are doing everything right. Don't lose faith.

Take today to recognize how blessed you are in this thing called life. Being a mom is a job that sometimes feels thankless but if you listen when your kids yell for you it is because they know mom is their strongest supporter. 

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