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Summer Smooth With All Girls Shave Club Razors


Thanks to All Girls Shave Club for providing these goodies in exchange for my review. This post contains affiliate links and we may make a commission if click a link in this post and make a purchase. All thoughts and  opinions are my own. 

Ahh, warm weather is here in the Southern States! This means cool drinks, lake/ beach days, and.. weather hot enough to throw those long pants to the back of the closet until next November! For those who shave, it also means its time to rescue your legs from the long months of hiding behind leggings, jeans, and boots. 

If you are anything like me, you hate buying plastic disposable razors. It seems like after one use, the blades go dull, trapping in all the gunk, and you are forced to move on to the next one. It's a hassle to find a brand that doesn't irritate skin, that actually cuts the hair as it's supposed to, and that is useable more than once. 

There are many types of reusable razors out on the market that need reusable blades, but I've not been found of those either. As costs rise, corporate companies figure out ways to cut the quality of products, so I've often been disappointed. 

I also prefer to aid smaller business owners rather than big conglomerates so I was excited to have the chance to try All Girls Shave Club. Started by a busy mom, All Girls Shave Club exists so that women everywhere can have a great shave experience. Instead of viewing it as another chore before heading out on the town or to the pool, shaving can become a unique relaxing restful experience. After all, showers might be the only time that moms get ANY time alone (if that at all!). 

After seeking out solutions and finding minimal opportunities for women, Jessica started her own Shave Club. Yet, she wanted it to be something unique to women- to make them feel fabulous and pretty... and work with women's curves. All Girls Shave Club was formed allowing women to have pretty razors and accompanying items shipped directly to their home! 

The Starter Kit is a perfect investment to see whether you like All Girls Shave Club! 

All Girls Shave Club offers a Rose Gold Razor Handle in either pink or purple. Accompanying razor cartridges refills can purchased singularly or in a subscription of every 2, 3, or 4 months depending on how often you shave. Honestly, there is nothing worse than reaching for your razor to find that it's dull.. and realizing you have no blades or razors left, so I love subscriptions for this reason! I'm usually pretty good at keeping up with what I need, but often summer trips, camps, and church functions keep me in and out of the home so much that I forget! 

The easily gripped handle will help you keep a firm grip! 

I was sent the Poppin' Purple razor and I love how easy it is to hold. The color is great because it stands out in the midst of all my other beauty products, so I can find it easily. The Blades are super easy to attach, do stay on well (unless you, ahem, hit your razor against the tile wall.. then it goes popping off into the abyss of the shower tub), and are very easy to change out. This lightweight razor does have a good gripping area so that you can hold onto it easily in the shower or bath! 

Let's talk about blades for a second. These aren't your run of the mill once and done type of cartridge blade. Rather, each cartridge has 6 sharp blades that seem to last forever! My favorite feature- each cartridge also has a bikini trimmer on the back. So all you have to do is flip the razor around to get at those hard to reach areas.. perfect for summer, right? I have to say, even with my coarse thick leg hair that I probably let go too long, it seems like I'm getting around 6 shaves out of one cartridge

Check out the bikini trimmer on the bottom of the blade! One of the best things about these blades!

While you are at it, don't forget to try the whipped shave butter. From unscented to Beach Babe, you will fall in love with this silky creamy shaving butter. This product is meant to lather like soap, so diminish your thoughts of super thick creams and foams. It is light, airy, and does run when in the water. If you are a shower- shaver, I recommend not putting your legs directly under the shower faucet as it will run off. 

All you need to do is grab about a quarters worth of the Shave Butter, rub it into your legs, and start shaving in small strokes. You will soon feel the silky smoothness your skin offers and its amazing! I also love this shave butter because it does help hydrate and prevent pesky ingrown hairs and minimalizes cuts! (Note- the butter can be purchased individually or subscription too!) 

The Whipped Butter is silky and hydrating.. but it's not thick! It's also not foamy! 

The Razor, a 4 pack of blades (including a travel case with a 1 travel razor cover) can be purchased in a starter kit or throw in a whipped butter for a Luxe Sample Package. Everything can also be purchased individually as well. 

The Rose Gold Razor is sharp and not much pressure is needed to get that smooth shave. Cartridges are easy to remove. Just slide the button to pop off the cartridge, and press the razor into a new one. I do recommend not keeping your razor in the shower. Longevity of the blade lasts longer when it can stand upright to dry and isn't surrounded by humidity and water. 

I absolutely love the smooth shave that comes from using the Rose Gold Razor! 

All Girls Shave Club also offers young ladies a first- time bundle (or separate pieces). If your teen is just learning about shaving, the  Bella Handle and blades are meant just for them! The Shine Kit will make your girls full of confidence, self esteem, and even has a guide to help them learn! 

All Girls Shave Club also offers more than razors and blades. Get your Discovery package monthly and find out all sorts of cool new products to aid in your beauty and grooming routines! 

Do you find yourselves constantly buying razors and/ or blades only to use them once and dispose? Do you wish you could find a fabulous shaving cream that smells great, is hydrating, and actually helps the razor do its job? Do you need the convenience of subscriptions services so that your favorite blades are always on hand? Do you like the idea of reusable razor handles with cartridges? Do you want to support a women- owned smaller business?

All of these are perfect reasons to invest in All Girls Shave Club! Your summer body will love these razors and whipped shave butter! In the long run, you will probably save money too because the blades last longer than the average marketed grocery store blade! Don't delay- go ahead and purchase to kick off the summer season! 

Want it? Get it!

All Girl Shave Club Rose Gold Razor

Find your way to a silky smooth shave with All Girls Shave Club subscriptions and one- time purchases! 

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