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Stop And Taste The Honeysuckle

Our children teach us from a well of wisdom they only have access to while young. 

Once they begin to get older, the innocence that holds the wisdom begins to chip away and life experiences take root. This is a beautiful process to witness, as a parent. It's painful and raw at times, but never a sight so lovely, as a child who is growing. 

My youngest son has taught me many things in the "almost" nine years he has been on this earth. In so many ways, he is a typical young boy with an appetite for adventure and a fearless spirit. From the time he could speak, I began to keep a notebook full of the silly things he and his brother would come up with. Because he is so silly most of the time, you might miss or take for granted the depth that is present in his mind. 

Of all he has taught me, perhaps my favorite has been to "stop and taste the honeysuckle". During a family bike ride down the mile-long gravel road upon which we live, he pulled his bike to a stop. As the rest of us rolled to a stop, much to the big pup's chagrin, we realized we were taking a honeysuckle break. 
"Here mama, you've got to try one!"
For this boy, I will suck on 100 honeysuckles and I will gasp with enjoyment at every tiny drop. 

"I could literally stay here for hours with these honeysuckles."
He could. He would. After a few minutes, we decided to break up and I rode back home with my older son while my husband and the pup finished the ride, picking up the honeysuckle hunter on this way back home. What complete joy to experience a full spirit from a honeysuckle on the side of the road. This is what child-like wisdom looks like. This is the type of innocent wisdom that he will never realize he is teaching this world but the impact in his wake, will be felt. 

I don't always know where I will find him. It may be creating a habitat for bugs inside of a jar. It may be sitting in the grass, blowing bubbles for our puppy to chase. I snapped the photo above while looking through the glass pane of my front door. 
I never know how I'll find him, but I hope he always knows where he can find me: by his side.
I hope he never doubts who he is in Christ and how loved he is! 
Remember that every child you meet, has a nugget of wisdom to share with you. It may be muddled by youthful silliness, but it's there. 
Have you stopped to taste the honeysuckle recently? 



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  1. i like yor story.it's as sweet as yor son & the honeysuckle.:)tho i've only smelled the scent of the blossoms i've nevr tried the jc of them.rn't i an oddball.:D i also don't know othrs who have.lol it's nice 2 rd stories like yors.they're so wholesum.+i also luv yor fotos & the bush u live in.it's so clean & scenic.


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