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Slam into Summer with the Height Adjustable Portable 7.2'-9.2' Backboard Basketball Hoop from Costoffs


Thanks to Costoffs for providing me with product to facilitate this review. All thoughts are my own.

Summer is almost here, which means it's time to get serious about busting those 'Mom, I'm bored!' moments. Summertime can be a struggle for parents who have young kids who need to be kept active during the day. Aside from spending lots of money on summer camps or pool memberships and vacations, it can be tough on parents to constantly keep their kids entertained during the workday. My kids have to be pushed and prompted to do things so they're not just sitting around, which is an everyday battle during the summer. To keep them moving this summer, we're excited to have a new basketball goal to play with one on one, or all together!

While we don't yet have a paved driveway/parking area for basketball, we were able to easily set up a cool portable and adjustable basketball hoop for our 10-year-old in our back parking area. While we've wanted to invest in a basketball hoop for years, we never had the space to do so. Living in an old historic neighborhood with street parking and no driveway gave us zero options, until we moved into our new home last March, which has a large area of space behind the back fence for additional parking. One day, it will all be paved and will look like an actual parking area. For now, it's still a great space to garden and play in.

We didn't want to invest a lot of money into a basketball goal until we could see how much it would actually be used by our kiddos. Our son has shown an interest in wanting to play basketball, so we thought we'd start with something lightweight, portable, and adjustable, at a lower price point.

Costoffs Height Adjustable Portable 7.2'-9.2' Backboard Basketball Hoop is just the right product for our family right now. It arrived quickly from Costoffs, and was super easy to assemble in an hour or so. My husband had little to no trouble putting it together. It even came with a second net in case we need to replace the net after wear and tear. The base can be filled with water or sand to help anchor it to avoid tip-overs due to weather, etc.

The basketball goal is made from anti-rust iron, so we don't have to worry about it being out in the elements and rusting. The base is fairly small, with two large wheels, making it easy to move when needed. We've used it and moved it many times already, and have found that it is easy to move, and we don't have to worry about it tipping when doing so.

Our 5 ft. tall 10-year-old loves this basketball hoop!

Another thing to love about this basketball hoop is the adjustable height feature. Our son is really tall for his age (he'll soon pass me up), so to be able to adjust the height as he grows is wonderful! This hoop can go from 7 - 9.2 ft. high. It fits a standard size basketball, which makes it easy for parents!

We've already been enjoying playing basketball together for a couple of weeks, and I can already tell that B will be spending a lot time playing basketball this summer. Now to get this area paved and looking like a driveway and parking area!

If you're looking for a great basketball goal for your family, I highly recommend this one! The price is awesome at just $119.99! It ships free and within just a few days, you'll have it at your door!

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Costoffs to purchase this basketball goal, or to browse other wonderful outdoor products for summertime!

Who would you love to play a game of basketball with this summer?


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