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Simple Solutions To Your Nanny Calling In Sick


Hiring a nanny is a difficult decision. The first hurdle is emotional as many parents feel they should be able to cope.

Of course, the reality is that it is often impossible to do it all, that’s why approximately half the households in Australia have a nanny. A nanny can help to ensure you have quality time with your child while they earn what they need to know.

Even when you decide a nanny is the right solution you have to decide the hours and choose between live-in and live-out. After all that it can be very frustrating to have your nanny phone in sick, leaving you without the cover you desperately need. 

Fortunately, there are several things you can do.

Call The Agency

If you put a call into babysitting services Sydney you will be able to get a nanny at short notice to cover for your sick nanny. You never know, you may find the replacement is a better fit for your home. 

At this stage, it is worth noting that you should check your contract before you accept any nanny. In most cases, it is your responsibility to find a replacement if they are sick. However, some contracts put the responsibility onto the agency that supplied the nanny, especially if they have only recently started. In this instance, a quick phone call can resolve the issue as another nanny will be sent while yours is ill. 

Check With Family & Friends

If your agency cannot help you then you can contact trusted members of your family and friends. One of them may be free to look after your child. It may even be possible for two friends to split the cover you need and take care of your child for you. 

Just remember they are doing it as a favor, a small gift is always appreciated!

Tell Your Child

It is important that you talk to your child and tell them what is happening. It can be very nerve-racking to suddenly be faced with a different person looking after them. It doesn’t matter how young your child is, they will appreciate you telling them all about it.

Prep Your Boss

When you have children it is almost inevitable that this issue will arise at some point. Another way around the issue is to work from home if that is possible. However, to do this you should speak to your boss as soon as possible and explain to them how it would be beneficial to have some flexible working time. 

Most bosses will understand and be happy for you to take the odd day at home when your nanny is unable to work. You can then set everything up at home to ensure your productivity s not affected and even have a trial run before you need to do it for real. That’s a lot easier than trying to convince your boss the day your nanny goes sick.

Preparing your boss falls into the same category as having a backup plan in advance. Know who you can contact and what options you can use to ensure your child has the care they need. It makes it a lot less stressful when it does happen. 

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