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Protect Your Electronics with Gadget Guard #MBPMOMSDAY21 #GIVEAWAY #REVIEW


Thanks to Gadget Guard for providing these great products in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

It's the horror movie in real life: In the rearview mirror, you watch as one of the kids grabs your phone too quickly and it tumbles headfirst into the car's center console. Or, while cooking dinner and talking to your bestie, your phone slips from your ear and you watch it land onto the sharp counter edge. As the spider crack slowly morphs into a full on spider web across your beautiful phone's screen, you contemplate whether it's worth trying to replace the screen or replacing your phone altogether. 

This Mother's Day, save yourself and the mom in your life some sanity by choosing Gadget Guard for the latest phone protection! While flowers, chocolates, and jewelry are nice gifts, Gadget Guard's practical phone protection solutions are certainly items all moms need.. and could use daily.

Founded in 2009, Gadget Guard aims to guard the devices that you love.. and essentially you! They try to minimalize radiation that comes from tech gadgets along with offering great protection to your protects to make your live easier and safer.

Fitting many sizes and models of phones, the tempered glass plus screen protector will keep your phone's screen safe as it falls (inevitable, it will) onto hard objects. The Black Ice + Glass edition is smooth, repels smudges and dirt, and helps protect your phone's screen and scratch- resistant. Definitely something every mom will love heading into the summer. 

Black Ice + Protection offers an anti-finger print protection, tempered glass, clear adhesive, optical PET layer (plastic scratch resistance protection), silicon adhesive, and protective backing. Tempered Glass is a safety glass that goes of your current device's screen to aid in protection and help prevent shattering. Even if we are super careful about our devices, accidents do happen and having screen protectors help a lot.

This edition also comes with a super handy feature- Guard Plus. Register your screen protector with Gadget Guard within 30 days of purchase and receive $150.00 coverage for repairs that result from accidental damage while your screen protector is on the device for one year after purchase.  

Each protector also comes with a lifetime guarantee, so if it cracks, its a free replacement. Shipping charges are not covered, so be prepared to pay upfront to replace your protector.  Create an account, register your product, and make note of your password. When you need to replace the device, go into your account and order a replacement. Note- this only works if you register your product, so make sure you do so as soon as you get it! 

Worried about applying your screen protector? Don't be! The process is extremely simple. Open up your Gadget Guard package and pull everything out, reading instructions completely before beginning. After washing your hands, use the provided wipes to wet clean and dry clean your phone. Make sure all smudges, dust, particles etc are cleared off before applying the screen protector. Two sticky tabs are sent in the package. These are great to help get rid of all particles off the phone. 

Put the guide alignment into your phone's charging port, then connect the screen applicator to the alignment guide. This is a great feature because sometimes, we have trouble aligning the protector to the device screen. Alignment is key so that edges aren't hanging off, so that all sides are covered, and so that your device's cameras and screen options are in optimal position when the screen is applied. Follow the instructions about removing the films to remove the sticky side, press down, and then remove the outer film protector. The adhesive is super easy and almost immediately sticks to the phone, so not much pressure is needed to smooth out bubbles or air pockets. 

I found the process simple- but I've often had screen protectors, so I'm used to doing this. First time navigators will need to go slow, making sure to line up the screen protector the way you would like it to be before removing the film to the sticky side.. once it's on, it's on.. so do a dry run before moving everything, if you must. Be sure that every speck is cleared away, as it will show up as dots under your screen protector. 

Also, watch the handy video that Gadget Guard provides on their website for extra information on applying the screen protector! This way, not only can you read instructions, you can see an installation before beginning!

Looking for a way to keep all of your tech gadgets clean? Gadget Guards newest Tech Clean wipes are multipurpose cleaning wipes for all sorts of electronics. These wipes are alcohol and ammonia free, are plant based, and are made up of 90 water and 10% soap. Safe enough to use, not harming skin or our littles, but effective at destroying those pesky viruses that live all over our tech devices. Be honest- when was the last time you cleaned your phone's screen and case? Tech Clean wipes will help keep everything in great protection! 

For other device protection, Gadget Guard also provides cases, grips, and camera protectors to keep our beloved phones safe from the harsh realities of the world. 

Why Gadget Guard? I've used quite a few screen protectors over my years.. being in children's and youth work means my phone does get beat up, a lot! These protectors really do help aid the longevity of phones and other devices. Some companies make it super difficult to apply products but I absolutely love Gadget Guard's alignment tool. This has been the best I've seen. I did have a couple of specks show up under my guard, but I find it far better than having a cracked screen. 

One note- if you rely solely on fingerprint protection for singing into your apps, sometimes tempered glass screen protectors and your phone don't agree with each other, so it can be frustrating to log in.  I mostly still do pin codes, but every once in a while, that fingerprint id doesn't get recognized and it can be annoying! 

Do yourself, and your family, a favor by grabbing one of Gadget Guard's great phone protector products this Mother's Day! Whether spending lots of time in the great big outdoors, or in your own home, you know that your phone will most likely suffer a fatal phone at some point. Protect it longer and further by one of Gadget Guard's screen protectors, cases, and cleaning products!

Want it? Get it!

Purchase your Gadget Guard protection to save yourself a lot of headaches and your phone from damage! 

Cases, Screen Guards, and Tech Wipes are available for Iphones, Ipads, and all sorts of Androids! 

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One Lucky Reader will win a supply of Tech Wipes from Gadget Guard! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18+. Products will be shipped directly to the winner once winner's information is confirmed. Mommy's Block Party is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Just use the handy RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Come back every day to get your entries in.

Thank you to Gadget Guard for providing this great giveaway! 

Do you use screen protectors on your Gadgets?

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