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Pampering Products for Your New Baby from KeaBabies


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As a mom of two, soon to be mother of three, I have tried an enormous amount of baby products over the past ten years. While trends may change, there's a sure constant... moms need exceptional quality products when it comes to what they use on or present to their infants. Sure, there are a lot of products out there that truly aren't needed, but there are those that moms swear by, and I certainly have my own list of must-have products for moms of new babies.

While it's been five years since I last brought a baby into this world, come September, I'll be bringing my third child into the world via C-section. Since I've been through the surgery twice already, I'm not nearly as nervous about it as I was the last two times. I know what to expect, but also know what I need for my baby once we're home from the hospital. Knowing what you need to have on hand for your baby is so important (no matter which way you deliver). Since I'll be recovering from major surgery for about 6 - 8 weeks after baby girl arrives, I already know that I need to have certain items ready and at my disposal, once we're home from the hospital.

I'm so happy that I found KeaBabies products online. I love to scour the net for new-to-me brands. Not only have I been looking for products for my new baby on my own, I've been working on building a baby registry for baby gifts. I happened upon the Baby Essential Care Package from KeaBabies, which includes not one amazing product, but three amazing products for the price of one. Talk about a fabulous baby shower gift!

Moms and dads all over the world have already discovered how beautiful and luxurious this amazing gift set for baby is. We hear a lot about pampering a new mom, but don't forget how important it is for parents to be able to pamper their new babies, too. 

This wonderful gift set includes:

Baby Hairbrush Set

Bamboo Washcloths

Hooded Towel

You might be wondering what difference does it make when it comes to these types of products for little ones? The difference is in the quality of the materials, as well as the craftsmanship and care that goes into each one.

With the KeaBabies Essential Baby Care Gift Set, you're receiving three amazing products which will be adored by the new baby, and parents will love. 

The versatile Hooded Towel is made with superior and perfectly soft and comforting bamboo. The design includes little ears on the hood for added sweetness. You will love the ability to use this quality product from birth through age 5-6. That's right! The towel is wide enough and long enough to accommodate a small child. I can't tell you how many baby towels we used for 3 months before we had to pack them away! The ability to use a baby towel for up to five years is astounding! It's also made with a natural fiber (bamboo), which is gentle and safe for baby. This awesome towel absorbs up to 3x more/faster than an average towel, which will help your baby/child quickly dry after bathing.

The Deluxe Bamboo Washcloths are also included in this spectacular gift set. Just as soft as the luxurious hooded towel, these washcloths will be your go-to at bath time, or for quick freshen-ups.
These ultra-silky soft washcloths are just what your baby needs. They're soft to the touch and super delicate, just like baby. With such softness over them, you won't have to worry about irritating the baby's precious skin. They are truly the softest washcloths on the market, with a silky soft lining to protect your little one.  They're perfect for baby, and perfect for everyday use for other members of the family, too!

The wooden hairbrush set is perfect for baby, too! Why use harsh plastic combs when you can pamper your baby with super soft natural premium grade goat bristles which help in evenly distributing hair oil for a healthier and cleaner scalp. With daily scalp massages, it can help to prevent or reduce cradle cap from building up and also protecting your baby's soft spot. Talk about a 2-in-1 product! The brushes are absolutely beautiful, and can easily be kept and used for years to come. On their own, they would make a beautiful new baby gift, but since they're available in this incredible gift set, that makes it even better!

Parents love this baby care gift set, and it's not hard to see why. I can't wait for my set to get here! KeaBabies offers super fast shipping, so parents can have this set in a matter of days! You can feel good about ordering KeaBabies products for yourself or for gifts. All KeaWorld products are covered by KeaCare 365 Warranty, a 365 days warranty from date of purchase against manufacturing flaws.

KeaBabies products have won multiple awards, which always indicates a stand-out brand to me!

KeaBabies has a number of awesome products I can't wait to get my hands on, and can't wait for you to try, too! In fact, I am so excited for YOU to have the opportunity to experience these wonderful baby products that I am offering you an exclusive discount! Just use the code MBPMOMS to receive a 10% discount on KeaBabies products!

Ready to shop KeaBabies?

Head on over to Keabaies.com to look around for that perfect gift for the special little one in your life.
Be sure to look for KeaBabies Essential Baby Care Gift Set in our Mom and Baby Guide!

Which KeaBabies products most catch your eye?

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