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Need a great gift idea? Gift Mom A Virtual Coffee Tasting Experience through No Decaf Allowed! #MBPMOMSDAY21 #REVIEW


Thanks to No Decaf Allowed for providing the Mother's Day Experience goodies in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

Most moms who love coffee rarely have the chance to savor their cups in the morning. Getting everyone up, dressed, and out the door on time usually means the coffee is quickly gulped or even longingly left on the counter until later when it has to be reheated. Quick Brewing Coffee Makers often don't capture the entire flavor of specialty coffee and it's not often worth paying for great coffee when it will get tossed, right? Pour- Over Coffee has been around for centuries and is now making a comeback as it competes against the automatic percolator. 

This Mother's Day, have fun, learn about pour- over methods, and try some great coffee with No Decaf Allowed! 

No Decaf Allowed is a subscription based coffee service that selects coffee for you based on your preferences. After selecting roast and bean preference, No Decaf Allowed enables the consumer to offer notes regarding flavors, brands, origins= notes about your favorites so that their wonderful curators can find the perfect coffee for each customer! Not only will you be exposed to new roasters, new coffees, and new flavors, you will never be bored.. or run out of coffee! 

If the Mom in your life loves coffee, consider gifting them a great Mother's Day Virtual Tasting experience.  For those moms who love to savor their coffee and want to learn more about the tastes, smells, and types of coffee made available, this experience is for them! This year, gift mom a tasting experience along with quality down time that they can enjoy!  

Join Casey Chartier, professional coffee expert, on a 45 minute journey and learn how to make pour- over coffee, savoring three pre-ground roasts from LIMA Coffee Roasters. Participants will receive a pour- over kit that includes a Hario Dripper v60, coffee filters, coffee, mug, special treat, and coffee accompaniments.. and a wonderful personalized card from Mon Voir Calligraphy. 

Pour- Over Coffee involves placing the grounds in the filter and pouring water over, letting it seep through the drip over cup. People think that drip coffee and pour overs are complicated, but its not that difficult or  more time- consuming than an electric maker! Many love the taste that pour- over coffee gives, including the experience of enjoying coffee. 

This $55.00 Coffee Tasting Experience is available on Mother's Day, May 9 at 11 AM or 3 PM Pacific Time or Sunday, May 16 at 11 AM or 3 PM Pacific Time. A plus one add- on is available for $33.00. 

Coffee tasting isn't at the top of your mom's desires? You say she still loves caffeine and great coffee? Gift her a coffee subscription from No Decaf Allowed! Gift Subscriptions are available as follows:

3-Month Gift Subscription: $57

2-Month Gift Subscription: $38

1-Time Gift Box: $19

No Decaf Allowed also has you covered with everything you need to create the pour- over coffee experience daily in your household. Find filters, carafes, kettles, drippers and create the perfect coffee station for the mom in your life.

Coffee lovers, show your love and spend time together through this Mother's Day Gift Experience! These experiences will be memories you and Mom will cherish forever!

Want it? Get it!

Purchase the No Decaf Allowed Mother's Day Virtual Coffee Experience + One Kit or find out more about their coffee subscriptions and accessories.

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