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Kids and Adults Will Love Creating with Buddha Board #MBPMOMSDAY21


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What does mom really want for Mother's Day? Well, I suppose that question could have a lot of different answers (depending on who you ask). If you ask this mom, my answer would be to spend the day with my family, relaxing. Most of my family members know that I don't know how to relax. My typical idea of relaxation includes putting my feet up, and sitting outside on a beautiful day, enjoying a glass of wine. While I can't have wine right now, I'm still finding other ways to relax and take it easy with my husband and kids.

One of the ways we relax together is by creating! I know- it sounds messy, doesn't it? While my husband likes to create in the kitchen, or by writing music, I like to create by writing, journaling, coloring, and sometimes even painting. My kids also love to paint (mom doesn't love the mess they make), and ask to do so pretty often. Not wanting to stifle their creativity, I spent quite a while looking for simple solutions to messy paints and endless sheets of painted-on paper.

Meet Buddha Board, your zen solution to mess-free creativity!

The Buddha Board is a unique relaxation and mindfulness tool that can help you learn to focus on the moment and melt away the stresses of your daily grind. What is it, exactly? Glad you asked! Buddha Board is an all-in-one paintable canvas and easel, with the included paintbrush. There's a catch, however... you don't use actual paint with this. Rather, you paint with water on the magical canvas and watch it disappear within minutes. It's the coolest thing ever!

Simply flip the Buddha Board open, wet the brush with water, and paint away on the canvas. It's that easy! There's nothing to wash or wipe, nothing to plug in or charge, and no papers or canvases to have to keep up with or give away. Snap a photo of your creative artwork and you'll always have a memory of it.

Features of Buddha Board

Designed with a sleek, modern aesthetic
Quick to set up
Folds closed for streamlined carrying
"Painting" with water is truly MESS FREE
No ink, paint, or chemicals
Encourages mindfulness
Doesn’t add to your digital footprint
Taps into your creative side
Fun for all ages

My kids absolutely love their Buddha Boards. There are several different sizes available, and they make perfect gifts! We love the mini-board, because we can tuck it into a small child's bag for entertainment wherever we go- without a screen!

Want it? Get it!

Grab a Buddha Board for mom this Mother's Day! They're also great for kids, teachers, art lovers, and creative spirits! Buddha Boards are totally affordable, starting at just $14.99 for a mini and up to $34.95 for the original. Look for Buddha Board on Amazon or visit the Buddha Board website for tranquil browsing and shopping experiences.

You can also connect with Buddha Board on Facebook and Instagram.

Be sure to look for Buddha Board in our 2021 Mother's Day Gift Guide!

Happy creating!

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