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It's Always Something, but There's More to the Story


How many times in your life have you muttered the phrase 'It's always something!'? For me? Well, more times than I can probably count or even remember. It's a sibling phrase of 'What now?' or 'What else?'. I can only imagine that these are phrases we think or speak aloud more often than we realize.

When I was growing up, I heard these phrases a lot from my parents and family members, and I couldn't know at the time, that it would have an impact on how I reacted to situations in my adult life. My 'It's Always Something' moments growing up included multiple family moves, switching congregations, having to make new friends over and over again, losing relatives, coping with my father's shoulder accident, and my mother's cancer diagnosis, and my grandmother's cancer diagnosis just two months later.

What else, Lord?

As an adult, I've experienced challenges in my work life, my career, my family, and with friends. From pregnancy complications to unexpected bills, constant worry, anxiety attacks at every turn, a fall-out with my own church, moves, and well- lots of curveballs, I often find myself asking God what else could possibly be thrown at me? Haven't I been through enough already? Life sure looks pretty when you see the very surface of it shared on social media, but if everyone really knew what my life looked like, what would they say then?

It's taken me a long time to get to a place of simply not caring what others think. I see my children picking up terrible habits from me- caring way too much about what others have or what others think. It's no way to live our lives.

I shared the above photo because sweet Bean has been under the weather for a couple of days. The school year is nearly over, we're on the verge of heading off to the beach, it's a busier-than-ever week, and the girl is sick. 'Ugh! It's Always something!' While I'm quick to jump to such a negative thought, she's barely slowed down. She was upset that she couldn't go to school, and figured she would play and laugh at home, and even head out to the yard and garden to help her dad water the plants and veggie garden. Nothing could keep her down.

So, why do I let these very normal things in life knock me down? Yes, it's a bump in the road, but it's not the end of the road. I can't see what lies ahead of me, but God can, and He's in full control as I navigate twists and turns. My husband often reminds me that I can't plan my life out on paper. Honestly, it's not my job. The Author of Life has the pen, and I am the main character of this particular story. I have to keep reading to find out what happens next. The question is- am I willing to trust Him enough to turn the page?

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  1. aww sorry 2 know u've had 2 many of those always somethings in yor life.they've been 2 much.we sure don't want so much bad stuff all the x.u've had more than u need.tho it's gd that bean's not letting her ailment get her dwn.+otherwise i rd a gd thing in a bk a long x ago.if u don't do so already, try doing many thank u's 2 for 4 all the negative stuf every day.it's unusual but the gal said 2 b thankful 4 the bad 2 all the lessons we learn & anothr thing i 4got.lol


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