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Ask any mother or father out there, and they will tell you that the bathroom is the one place in the house where they are ever able to get some real alone time. Since the bathroom is such a valuable space for rest and relaxation, it deserves some attention. Updating your bathroom design does not have to be a purely functional project. Why not take the opportunity to renovate this sacred space and update its design to please your tastes. Not all bathroom renovations have to be costly and time-consuming, there are some quick fixes that can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the room.

Embrace Zen Design

The bathroom is a place to rest, relax and unwind, so why not embrace this purpose with Japanese-inspired zen design. The key to this type of interior design is to keep things minimal. If you are going to have a bathtub opt for a wooden or stone tub rather than the traditional porcelain. Embrace the wooden inspiration with teak flooring and cabinets. Add in some plants for a truly serene feel. It is a good idea to add in some closed storage features to ensure that all of your bathroom products can be tucked neatly out of sight so that they are not cluttering up your surfaces.

Change the Tile Change the Tone

As described by the bedfordshire bathroom company, wall tiles can make or break a rooms d├ęcor. That means that updating your bathroom tiles can make a relatively quick, easy, and cheap renovation project that can have a big impact. There are many options that you can take when updating your bathroom tiles. You should embrace luxe and sophistication by using a deep emerald green color tile. Or you could make something a bit more light and fun by choosing a patterned tile. Remember that your choice of tile will dictate the tone of the room, so choose something in keeping with your overall design inspiration.

Add in Furnishings

So, adding in soft furnishing sounds like an absurd idea for the bathroom, but it can actually make an impressive design statement. Not only can it have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the room, but it is another easy, quick and simple renovation idea. Swap out that old bathmat of a Persian-inspired carpet, add in some curtains instead of blinds. Mixing and matching the design of your soft furnishings a little will help to give the room a more rustic, farmhouse feel.

Embrace Nature

If you are looking to update your bathroom on a budget, one of the best things you can do is add in plants. Adding plants to your bathroom will help to give a more relaxing, tranquil, and unique feel. You should focus on some larger plants to fill the space and make the addition of plants a real design statement. You can also focus your attention on sweet-smelling plants, like lavender. You also might want to focus your search on plants that thrive in more humid environments if your bathroom regularly gets steamed up.

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