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How to Choose a Wedding Theme


When you’re planning your one special day, you only have one opportunity to explore a setting and theme that you and your partner will truly love. Getting your wedding theme right will make a huge difference, not only to your day but to your memories of the day in years to come. It can be tricky to decide on a theme if you’re not sure what you want, what your partner wants, or how to narrow down all the incredible options out there. 

Popular Wedding Themes

Some of the most popular options out there include beach weddings, rustic weddings, Disney-themed weddings, garden or flower themes, vintage shabby-chic weddings, glam weddings, and fairytale weddings.

When choosing your ideal wedding theme, you don’t have to automatically go for the most popular themes out there, but they may help you to find a starting point that you’re on board with. 

How to Choose a Wedding Theme 

Start with Colors 

If you’re not sure of the theme you’d like, but you’ve definitely decided on the color scheme, this is a great starting point as it can help you to choose a theme to match. For instance, if you’re planning on choosing natural colors such as greens and oranges, this can work well with an outdoor, garden-themed wedding or a rustic theme. 

Where Do You Feel at Home? 

Think about the environment in which you would feel most comfortable, and what makes you feel inspired and safe. Do you feel at one with nature, and like to be surrounded by greenery, trees, and flowers? Or do you feel at home in a grand manor home, with glamorous d├ęcor and formal seating arrangements? Knowing the surroundings that will make you feel comfortable will help you to zone in on a theme. You can then work on extra additions to match your theme, such as butterfly packages for release in an outdoor, nature-themed ceremony. Cloverlawn Butterflies has a wide range of butterfly release wedding packages for various occasions; or you could plan for suits of armor, carved wooden tables, and candelabras for a medieval, rustic theme. These are just a few examples of how chosen extras can help a theme come to life.

Think About Particular Features You Truly Want

Is there anything you know you and your partner definitely want for the wedding ceremony? A specific feature that is non-negotiable for you? This could be fairy lights in trees; it could be a golden carriage taking you to the ceremony, or it could be a red-carpet-style aisle to lead you to your vows. With this in mind, you can plan for a theme that works best for what you’re thinking in terms of style. 

Narrow It Down from What You Don’t Want

If you can’t settle on a particular wedding theme just yet, cancel out some themes you don’t want. Does the idea of being near water and having sand between your toes make you uncomfortable? If so, you can cancel out a beach theme. Does the idea of risking the weather make you feel anxious about your big day? In this case, you should opt for an indoor venue that suits a theme you might like. 

As a final thought, your instincts will tell you when themes are appealing to you or not. Think about what sparks the most joy, and makes you feel the most comfortable.

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