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How to Choose a Speaker System for a Small Room

 Not everyone has acres of space to work with when organizing their audio setup at home, and in many ways, you can actually achieve better results if you have a smaller room as the framework for your efforts.

Of course, it helps to know which speaker system will be the best investment in this context, so here are just a few ways to find the perfect product to suit your listening needs.

Opt for bookshelf speakers

You might find that you do not have the floor space to dedicate to free-standing speakers, in which case you could combine them with an existing piece of furniture to avoid this conflict altogether.

A set of bookshelf speakers will do just that, offering a compact footprint while still delivering excellent performance, so long as you pick the right product.

You could also snap up a pair of designer headphones from a brand like Beats or Bang & Olufsen to either complement your bookshelf speaker setup when you want to avoid disturbing others or as the sole audio option in the room if you really have no more space to spare.

Stick with stereo and ditch the subwoofer & satellite speakers

The more complex your audio system is, the more elements will need to be dotted around the room, and the less appropriate it will become for a smaller area.

The answer is to steer clear of systems that have all the extra channels under the sun, and instead focus your attention on a higher quality set with as few channels as possible. A decent 2 or 3 channel speaker system will serve you better in a small space anyway since you will not be able to appreciate the same levels of separation as if you were using a 5 or 7 channel equivalent.

Consider wall mounting

If your speaker system supports wall mounting or is compatible with adapters to achieve this, then you will have yet another way to prevent precious floor space from being monopolized while also managing to avoid compromises in terms of your options.

Wall mounting brings with it its own challenges, such as having to run speaker wires cleanly to the right location. If you are not confident enough to carry out the installation yourself, paying for a professional could save you a lot of time and hassle when you go this route.

Wireless speakers solve the speaker wire conundrum to an extent, although you will need to put up with the potential latency issues that such systems can create, as well as dealing with signal drop-out, depending on where you position your speaker in relation to the device which is transmitting the audio.

Do not skimp on soundbars

In recent years one of the most widely used small space sound system solutions has been the soundbar, a type of device originally introduced to pair with flat-screen TVs, but also one which was subsequently adopted more widely for all-purpose audio playback.

There are some very low-priced soundbars around, but you will find that the more you are saving, the greater the level of compromise you will be making in terms of audio quality. If you have the opportunity to hear a soundbar for yourself before you make a purchase, this may be sensible, as it will ensure that you know what you are getting yourself into.

Alternatively, be willing to stretch your soundbar budget that big further, preferably over $300, and you will reap the rewards of an undeniably excellent audio experience even in a smaller part of your home.

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