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How to Balance Work and a New Baby


Having a new baby is overwhelming in and of itself. Pair that with a career, and you might feel like there’s no way to juggle it all. Luckily, there are a few tips you can use to survive both new motherhood and thriving in your job.

Work from Home If Possible

If you had a baby recently, you might be able to work from home when your maternity leave ends. A lot more companies are having employees work remotely when possible because of the COVID-19 situation.

If you didn’t work from home before your maternity leave, talk to your boss and go over what you think the benefits will be if you can now.

Even if you can’t work from home full-time, being able to do so sometimes can cut down on your commute stress and give you more time for things like nursing. You can install a swing for babies in your office and handle emails and meetings while your newborn naps. Those naps will take up a lot of the workday when your baby is very young.

Separate the Different Parts of Your Life

When we multitask too much or let our work-life blur with our personal lives, it becomes more challenging than it would be ordinarily.

When you get home from work or log off for the day, that should be it. Then, the rest of the time you have that day is dedicated to the baby, your family, and your personal and home life.

Set very strict office hours and limits on your time so that your boss and coworkers know when they can reach you and when they can’t.

Then, when you’re working, that’s your priority. When you’re with your new baby, that’s the thing you’re solely focused on.

Get Organized on Sundays

Use Sunday as a day you get organized for the rest of the week.

The more organized you are, the more you’re going to feel in control of the chaos.

Create a family calendar so everyone knows what’s going on for the week. Try to get your shopping done and if you have time, meal prep. If you don’t have time for everything, outsource it when possible.

For example, maybe you hire someone to meal prep for you, do the laundry once a week, or occasionally clean your house.

If you can afford it, having those little luxuries can make a world of difference in your life.

Have Fun on Your Lunchbreak

Finally, we talk a lot about making sure you’re that you have “me time” when you’re a new mom and a working one at that.

If you work outside of your home during your lunch break, use it as a time to perhaps catch up with a coworker, have a lunch date with your spouse, or take a walk.

Even if you work at home, maybe you have someone come over and watch the baby a few times a week so you can do these things during your lunch break.

You need to do things for yourself so that you’re recharged and ready to tackle other areas of your life.

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