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Get 20% Off Mabel's Labels for Allergy Awareness Week (Through 5/16)


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Having kids means that you're constantly worrying about their safety. Having kids with allergies brings that worry to a whole new level. Until I had my daughter five years ago, I was only familiar with severe animal allergies, and seasonal allergies. My son and I both suffer tremendously from animal allergies. My daughter, however, has a tree nut allergy, which has proven to be scary in situations where food containing cashews or pistachios was given to her without parental knowledge.

As I start to make preparations for the new school year (I like to plan way ahead), I have already made plans to order food allergy labels for my daughter as she starts kindergarten in the fall.

Mabel's Labels is recognizing Allergy Awareness Week with 20% OFF their most popular allergy and medical alert products, now through Sunday, May 16th.

Featured Products Include:

• Customizable Allergy Alert Labels

• Allergy Stickers

• Kids' Medical Alert Labels

• Medical Alert Label Pack

• Custom Medical Alert Tags

Their custom allergy and medical alert products are durable, waterproof, and microwave-safe labels that specify allergies or medical conditions. Keep your little ones safe by clearly highlighting any allergies or medical concerns on food containers, lunch bags, and gear. These personalized labels are customizable with your child’s name and allergy/medical details to keep kids safe at school, daycare, camp, and everywhere else they go.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Ready to shop?

Keep your little ones safe with 20% OFF Mabel's Labels' custom allergy & medical alert products for Allergy Awareness Week - Now through May 16th.

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