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Fun activities for you and your pooch


Going for a walk and playing fetch is not the only way you can enjoy spending time with your furry friend. There are so many activities you and your dog can do together to help you bond and show them how loved they are. 

Dogs do enjoy sticking to a schedule, but it is nice to mix things up from time to time too. That is why we are sharing a whole bunch of ways you can and your pup can have fun together. 

Teach them hide and seek

You can teach a dog to play hide and seek! To start the process, hide in super easy places and excitedly call them to find you. When they do, make sure to give them plenty of praise. As they get used to the game, you will be able to hide in tougher places to make the game a little harder.  

Dog yoga (doga)

We have all seen videos of dogs being less-than-helpful when you are trying to do a home workout. Well, why not get them involved? Dog yoga gives you the chance to enjoy a good stretch while your dog does too. 

Disclaimer: Your dog might not really know what is going on, but with most moves involving you being down on their level, they will just be happy for the company low on the ground! 

Paddle boarding

If your pooch loves taking to the water, paddle boarding might be the perfect activity for you to enjoy together. Getting him or her to stay on the board may be a challenge, and if they do not seem to be keen, do not force it. There are plenty of other water activities to do together, from kayaking to boating. Do not forget their life jacket too!  

Creating a pet friendly garden

Dog parents who have outdoor spaces of their own should consider creating a pet-friendly garden that everyone can enjoy together. 

Before you start, you will need to teach your dog things like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’, so that they do not get in the way while you are trying to plant things. It is also vital that you only plant flowers and shrubs that are pet-friendly. If you are not sure, vets in Fort Myers can help you with which plants are toxic for animals, and how you can stop your dog from finding plants that are poisonous. 

Book a dog massage

If you really want to show your pup that you love them, a dog massage will do exactly that. So, while you are enjoying your own spa day, book your dog into an animal massage center so that they can enjoy a little Zen too. 

Visit a dog friendly cafĂ© 

Dog friendly pubs, cafes and restaurants give you the chance to catch up with friends without having to worry about the dog at home. Some cafes will even offer treats to dog guests, or do special drinks like a puppuccino. 

These are just a few creative ways to spend time with your dog. They are fun, they are different and, for a dog, incredibly exciting!

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