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8 U.S. Cities to Move to This Year


Moving to a new city and getting a fresh start is an exciting change of pace, but moving can also come with several challenges. One of the biggest challenges is choosing the right destination. If you’re planning on moving this year, here are 8 U.S. cities you should consider moving to.

1. Austin, TX

Thanks to a combination of tech culture, great food, and excellent entertainment, Austin, TX, has become a hot spot in recent years. Austin is also known as one of the more progressive cities in the country. Of course, the tech industry in Austin (and its large size in general) means there are plenty of job opportunities.

2. Raleigh, NC

If you’re looking for a city that’s affordable, Raleigh is an excellent choice. A low cost of living combined with a solid job market makes Raleigh one of the easiest cities to move to. And because the population of Raleigh is growing so fast, you can find plenty of ways to fight boredom with the whole family.

3. Boulder, CO

Denver is a beautiful city, but it’s too busy for some people. Boulder offers many of the same benefits as Denver with a population 1/7th the size. From shopping for hiking gear to trekking some of the nearby nature trails, Boulder is a great place for people who like to spend time outdoors.

4. Ann Arbor, MI

Education and safety are important considerations when you’re moving to a new city, and it’s hard to beat Ann Arbor in that regard. Ann Arbor is home to the University of Michigan and boasts one of the highest public school rankings in the country. With a good security system, you can keep your family safe and cozy in Ann Arbor.

5. Atlanta, GA

If you’ve never been to Atlanta, you’re missing out. Sunny weather, beautiful neighborhoods and plenty of food and entertainment options make Atlanta one of the best cities for the younger generation. When you hire long distance moving companies, moving to Atlanta is easy no matter where you came from.

6. Columbus, OH

Columbus may be the capital of Ohio, but it often takes a back seat to Cleveland and Cincinnati. The truth is, Columbus has a lower cost of living than both of these cities, as well as an excellent job market. Columbus may be a long way from the beach, but you’ll have a hard time finding a better city to move your family to.

7. Madison, WI

When it comes to good family cities, it’s hard to beat Madison, WI. This capital city offers excellent job opportunities and top-notch schools, plus you can find tons of shops that sell Green Bay Packers gear if you’re an NFL fan. Madison is also the home of the Wisconsin Badgers, who play Division I football and basketball at the college level, so there’s no shortage of high-level sports to enjoy here.

8. Santa Barbara, CA

Everybody knows California is a great place to live, and Santa Barbara embodies what makes California great. The Santa Ynez mountains create a perfect backdrop for the city, while beautiful beaches are just a short distance away. Santa Barbara also gets high scores for its public schools, making it a good city for families to move to.

Each year, new cities grow in population and become top moving destinations. If you’re planning on moving your family to a new city, a little research goes a long way. As long as you pick one of the 8 cities from our list, you can move with confidence knowing the whole family will love their new home.

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